Also known as evil pirates, these disreputable factions may be killed with impunity. No Reputation losses are incurred by players of any nation and each gang provides reputation boosts for various reputable factions. All but four of these gangs have associated bounty missions available from one of the Pirate Hunters scattered throughout the Caribbean.

Major Pirate GangsEdit

These gangs serve important endgame functions by offering trade union Reputation, rare component drops, bounty titles, and reputation-boosting prisoners. The ships of these gangs mostly range from level thirty-five to fifty and all major gangs patrol primarily in the Antilles.

Common Name Society Name Highest Density
Confrerie LibreLa Confrerie LibreSouthern Antilles
De Zee TrekkersDe ZeetrekkersSouthern Antilles
Dread Saints PiratesDread SaintsSouthern Antilles
Fairfax PiratesFairfax ExcursusSouthern Antilles
Hijos VerdaderosLos Hijos Verdaderos de la LibertadAntilles
Merryman PiratesThe MerrymenAntilles
Varyags PiratesThe VaryagsAntilles

Minor Pirate GangsEdit

These gangs do not serve any specific, endgame role. They do offer bounty and trophy missions useful for leveling players. Unlike major gangs, each of these gangs may only be found in their respective home region.

Common Name Society Name Home Region
Bloody Arms Hunting PackThe Bloody ArmsFlorida/Bahamas
CorsairsThe Corsairs of the MainNew Granada
Cortez PiratesThe Sons of CortezNew Spain
Deadcoat SquadronThe Dead RedcoatsGuyana
Drakesmen PiratesThe DrakesmenGuyana
Lost InronsidesThe Lost IronsidesYucatan
Ladrones PiratesLos LadronesNew Spain
Mithridite PiratesThe Sons of MithridatiMexico
Samedien PiratesLes SamediensLouisiana
Sharktooth ReadersThe Sharktooth RaidersBahamas
Swampcat PiratesThe SwampcatsFlorida
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