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This article is obsolete and refers to the old Pirate career which has been renamed to Cutthroat in version 1.4. For the pirate nation see Pirates (Nation). For the two pirate careers, see Cutthroat and Buccaneer

The only career choice for players belonging to the Pirate nation. Has the ability to Scavenge or Take Command of ships. Other nations cannot choose this career. They can choose Privateer which has many similarities to the Pirate career.


You serve no one but yourself and your merry crew. You live a life of freedom in the first true democracy the world has seen in millennia, sailing where you wish, taking what you want, and devil take the hindmost. Your articles are your creed; your cutlass and pistol are your most trusted friends. You are a pirate, a buccaneer, a brigand of the sea. Your life may be a short one but you will ensure it’s a happy one, and you couldn’t care less if it makes life difficult for fat merchantmen and glorious treasure fleets.[1]

Notes of interest[]

  • Taking command of another professions ship using the Take Command option will tag your ship as 'Ship Invalid PVP'. This means that while sailing this ship your PVP flag will always be on and any one can take you down.
  • Pirates have 5 spaces in their dry dock, other nations only have 4.
  • You can Take Command of a Derelict ship at level 5. This will place your current ship in the closest friendly dry dock and you will complete the encounter with your new ship.
  • At level 10 you can get a quest from the Pirate trainer to get the Scavenge skill. This allows you to destroy a Derelict ship to get more cargo from it. There is also a 4% chance that you will get a ship deed for that ship.
  • You can not sell a ship that is in your dry dock. The only way to get rid of it is to Scuttle it.
  • Captured ships start with 1 durability. It can be increased by capturing more ships of the same type and adding them to the captured one.


The following Sailing Skills are specific to Pirates:

Skill overview
Skill Tree Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Career1 Scavenge Vaporing Run Them Down Plague Ship Drink And The Devil
Brutality Target Weakness 1 Sacrifice For Speed Target Weakness 2 Sacrifice For Damage Sacrifice For Victory
Destruction Demoralize Cut Shroud Foul Lines Damage Rudder Cripple Enemy
Disaster Desperation Fire 1 Dump Guns Desperation Fire 2 Rum Ration Deter Pursuit
Evasion Maneuver 1 Evade Aggression Maneuver 2 Tack Upwind Evasion
Flogging Flog Gunners 1 Cut Lines 1 Flog Gunners 2 Wolf Pack Increased Damage
Gunnery All Or Nothing Shot Rake Overloaded Shot Hit And Run Vital Strike
Red Flag Decimate Bloodthirst Death's Embrace Bosun's Whip Fury
Skullduggery Stealth 1 To The Last Man Stealth 2 Give The Slip Misdirection
Smuggling Before The Wind 1 Agile Rigging Before The Wind 2 Black Market Devil Take The Hindmost
Survival Defense 1 Jury-Rig Defense 2 Plug Leaks Too Mean To Die

1 These skills are gained through the career quests and don't require skill points.

Career Specific Ships[]

The following ships are exclusive to Pirates. Of course Pirates can also use the All Career ships but the ships below tend to go better with the role and skills of a Pirates.

Level 16:

Level 25:

Level 29:

Level 38:

Level 50: