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Nation: France
Region: Louisiana
Info: Unconquerable Port

This port has a RAH

Resources: None
NPC Level: Unknown


Although Pensacola is the oldest European settlement in mainland America (1559), its location has caused great turmoil, with many buildings destroyed by wars, and by numerous major hurricanes. The location, south of the original British colonies, and as the dividing line between French Louisiana and Spanish Florida, along the Perdido River, has caused Pensacola to change ownership several times. Pensacola was Spanish, then French, then Spanish, then British, then Spanish again, before becoming American, then Confederate, and then the current U.S. city.

To protect the colony known to the Spanish as San Miguel de Panzacola a presidio was built. Presidio Santa Maria de Galve (1698-1719) included fort San Carlos de Austria and a village with church. The presidio was captured peacefully on May 14, 1719, by Governor Bienville of French Louisiana, with a fleet of ships and a large ground force of Indian warriors. A hurricane devastated the area in 1722, and the evacuating French occupation forces burned the settlement before leaving. The Spanish returned later that same year and finding the predisio a total loss started over with a new fort, San Carlso de Barrancas, modern Fort Barrancas.

Sources: Wikipedia articles on Pensacola, Florida, Presidio Santa Maria de Galve, etc.

Alternate History[]

In 1720 the French are firmly in control of both Louisiana and Florida, Presidio Santa Maria de Galve being the last holdout by the Spanish in Florida, St. Augustine having fallen more than a century earlier.