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Where there be Pirates, there are fanciful companions closeby, some pets may follow you about while others nimbly ride upon your shoulder.
There is a flock of very special Parrots whom are also located throughout the Caribbean.

You may spend Burning Sea Points in the Treasure Aisle store for a plethora of ingame available Pet choices. One may Follow and one may sit upon your shoulder. Some pets are Epic and would require they be unlocked upon completion of the storyline. Fortaleza da Luz is the Giant Scorpion.

Pirate-only Tortuga Mission[]

Pillaged Ports Bounty Missions[]

Lord Wingston Beaksworth III is perched in West End and offers Beaksworth's PvP Bounty for sinking 5 British Players.
Don Pico is perched in Gibara and offers Don Pico's PvP Bounty for sinking 5 Spanish Players.
Lady Simerg is perched in Spanish Town and offers Simerg's PvP Bounty for 5 sinking British Players.


Reverend Billings is perched in Jenny Bay
Governor Billings is perched in Port Royal
Doctor Billings is perched in Charlesfort
Professor Billings is perched in Pointe-à-Pitre
Sergeant Major Billings is perched in Vera Cruz
Madam Billings is perched in San Juan
Quartermaster Billings is perched in Marsh Harbour
Boss Billings is perched in Tortuga

/Claimable Pets[]

Closed Beta reward is a Blue Shoulder Parrot.
The original Prima Pirates of the Burning Sea guide book, rewards a Red Shoulder Parrot.
The revised Prima Pirates of the Burning Sea guide book, rewards a Green Shoulder Iguanua.