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Mission Mission Avcom.png Swashbuckling Mission
This mission involves Swashbuckling or simple interaction with NPCs.
Nothing Worse Than Red Tape
Career: Freetrader
Level: This mission becomes available at character level 10. 10 This mission becomes available at character level 10.
NPC: Local Trader
Rewards: special (see description)

Speedy Delivery

Information based on version Current game version is

This mission, which is only available to Freetraders, exists in almost every port's shop. It requires you to buy/create locally obtainable goods, and then have them inspected before transporting them to a destination on the accompanying mission, Speedy Delivery to [Destination]. They can only be done once. They offer a large amount of experience and can be worth it if the destination port is convenient and/or the goods can be obtained for around the same cost as your compensation.

When you finish all deliveries for a nation, you will be able to claim two additional rewards via two short missions that take you to that nation's capital:

  • The first reward is a consumable item which gives you +500 reputation with all of that nation's major factions (e.g. in Spain you would get +500 reputation with the Spanish Navy, the Spanish Trade Union, and the House of Trade).
  • The second reward is a special sail pattern. (4 Total decals).

When you finish all deliveries for all nations, you will get two more special rewards.

More details can be found in the guide Local Trader / Red Tape Missions Explained.

Ports, Supplies Needed, Destinations and Reward

Region Origin Port Supplies Needed Destination Reward
Antilles Basseterre 100 Sugarcane Riding Rocks 1800db 800xp +5BTU
Bridgetown 240 Logs, Oak Basseterre 1728db 800xp +5BTU
Cabo Raphael 90 Sugarcane de L'isle 1620db 800xp +5SU
Charlestown 50 Logs, Teak Bartica 1800db 900xp +5BTU
de L'isle 30 Rum Ruddy Cove 1807db 800xp +5SU
Fort-de-France 480 Tobacco Biloxi 1440db 700xp +5FTU
Gibara 40 Logs, Teak Portobelo 1440db 700xp +5STU
Guanica 40 Ore, Copper Cat Island 2160db 900xp +5SU
Havana 90 Sugarcane Port-of-Spain 1620db 800xp +5STU
Irish Point 200 Limestone Port St. Joe 1200db 600xp +5FTU
Jaqueme 30 Marble Fort-de-France 1800db 700xp +5FTU
La Isabela 40 Logs, Teak Santa Clara 1440db 700xp +5SU
Leogane 250 Logs, Oak Orleans 1800db 900xp +5FTU
Matthew Town 30 Furs Guanica 2460db 900xp +5SU
Orleans 100 Cotton, Spun Vieux Fort 2280db 500xp +5FTU
Port-de-Paix 10 Lignum Vitae Roseau 1800db 800xp +5FTU
Puerta de Plata 20 Ingot, Iron Cartagena 2280db 600xp +5STU
Puerto del Principe 50 Logs, Teak Santo Domingo 1800db 900xp +5STU
Roseau 540 Tobacco New Orleans 1620db 800xp +5FTU
Ruddy Cove 540 Tobacco Matthew Town 1620db 800xp +5SU
Santiago 40 Logs, Teak Caracas 1440db 700xp +5STU
Santo Domingo 600 Tobacco Campeche 1800db 900xp +5STU
Spanish Town 90 Sugarcane Bridgetown 1620db 800 xp +5BTU
St. John's 80 Sugarcane Turtling Bay 1440db 700xp +5BTU
Vieux Fort 300 Granite Grenville 1800db 900xp +5FTU
Bahamas Cat Island 20 Furs Whitby 1640db 500xp +5SU
Nassau 70 Cotton, Spun Bluefields 1260db 600xp +5BTU
Riding Rocks 30 Crate of Furs Charlestown 2460db 900xp +5BTU
West End 80 Logs, Fir Puerto Cabezas 1280db 600xp +5BTU
Whitby 70 Logs, Fir Turpitude 1120db 500xp +5SU
Florida Carlos Harbour 70 Leather Golden Lake 1295db 600xp +5SU
Cayo de Marquis 20 Furs Belle Isle 1640db 500xp +5FTU
Grenville 140 Logs, Oak Tampa 1080db 500xp +5FTU
Tampa 70 Logs, Fir Cayo de Marquis 1120db 500xp +5FTU
Guyana Bartica 170 Limestone Les Hattes 1020db 500xp +5BTU
Les Hattes 340 Tobacco Belize 1020db 500xp +5BTU
Louisiana Belle Isle 40 Ore, Copper Irish Point 2160db 600xp +5FTU
Biloxi 30 Wine, Common Port-de-Paix 1680db 700xp +5FTU
New Orleans 20 Ingot, Iron Leogane 2280db 800xp +5FTU
Port St. Joe 500 Saltpeter Jaqueme 1200db 600xp +5FTU
St. Rose's Bay 180 Sulfur Sabanqui 1680db 600xp +5SU
Mexico Golden Lake 200 Limestone St. Rose's Bay 1200db 600xp +5SU
Turpitude 20 Wine, Common Carlos Harbour 1120db 500xp +5SU
New Granada Caracas 10 Ingot, Gold Gibara 3840db 700xp +5STU
Cartagena 10 Ingot, Gold Santiago 3840db 600xp +5STU
Maracaibo 10 Ingot, Silver Puerta de Plata 2400db 600xp +5STU
Portobelo 10 Ingot, Gold Havana 3840db 800xp +5STU
Port-of-Spain 20 Ingot, Iron Puerto del Principe 2280db 800xp +5STU
New Spain Campeche 20 Ore, Copper Tampico 1080db 500xp +5STU
Sabanqui 240 Granite La Isabela 1440db 700xp +5SU
Santa Clara 200 Logs, Oak Cabo Raphael 1440db 700xp +5SU
Sisal 60 Leather Maracaibo 1110db 500xp +5STU
Tampico 20 Cochineal Sisal 1200db 500xp +5STU
Yucatan Belize 170 Granite Nassau 1020db 500xp +5BTU
Bluefields 200 Granite West End 1200db 600xp +5BTU
Puerto Cabezas 40 Ore, Copper St. John's 2160db 700xp +5BTU
Turtling Bay 200 Sulfur Spanish Town 1520db 700xp +5BTU