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Navy Officers are the primary defenders of the nation. As such they have access to various ships and armament that are not available to Freetraders and Privateers.


You are an officer of His Majesty’s Navy, a captain by courtesy, master and commander of a raw crew aboard an under-gunned sloop. She doesn’t look like much, but you love her like a mother loves a babe. Together, you’ll strike fear into your nation’s wicked enemies and defend your way of life in the most dangerous and exciting place on Earth. Your orders are sealed, the guns run out, the slow match is lit and your mission is clear… but you have to provide the courage.[1]

Leveling as a Naval Officer[]

Naval officers are probably the easiest class to level with as they get the most effective naval combat buffs. As listed below, Naval Officer skills are geared more towards defense,reload time, and cannon damage, compared to a privateer who is geared more towards speed and boarding combat. Also, they can use powerful Naval Refit ships that are a lot stronger than the original ship. All these factors make it much easier to fight NPCs on the Open Sea and in Missions, thus making leveling easier. However, Naval Officers are the worst class to choose if you want to be economically savvy because they cannot use foreign auction houses or Merchants without working on their reputation with the Smuggler's Union and the Trade Unions of the other nations first.

Special Bonuses[]

  • Navy Officers do not suffer reload penalties associated with crew loss.


The following Sailing Skills are specific to Navy Officers:

Skill overview
Skill Tree Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Career1 Guardian Rapid Shot Final Defense Break Morale Ultima Ratio Regum
Defense Defender: Resist Emergency Repairs Rally the Crew Military Grade Construction Invincible
Desperation Last Resort: Maneuverability Desperate Shot Scatter Shot Last Resort: Speed Last Stand
Disabling Disable Rigging Disable Rudder Rake Show of Force Crippling Broadside
Discipline Decimate Warning Shot Focused Fire Boarding Discipline For God and Country
Dominance Fortress Thundering Broadside Flagship Dominate Defensive Ship
Escort Acceleration Increase Escort Speed Increase Pirate Hunter Convoy
Gunnery Precision Fire Reload Discipline Damage Discipline Gunnery Drills Vital Strike
Prestige Military Communications Military Intelligence Battle Doctrine: Offense Battle Doctrine: Defense Strategic Position

1 These skills are gained through the career quests and don't require skill points.

Career Specific Ships[]

The following ships are exclusive to Navy Officers. Of course Navy Officers can also use the All Career ships but the ships below tend to go better with the role and skills of a Navy Officer.