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Nassau, New Providence, the Bahamas

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Nation: Great Britain
Region: Bahamas
Info: Conquerable Port

This port has a Natural Harbor

Resources: Fertile Soil
Forest (Fir)
Copper Deposits
Natural Harbor
NPC Level: Unknown


New Providence is currently the most populous island in the Bahamas and Nassau is the nation's capital. The first lasting European occupation was on in the Bahamas was on Eleuthera Island and then New Providence shortly thereafter. The attraction of New Providence was one of the best sheltered natural small vessel harbors in the West Indies. Because of that good harbor at Charles Town (the former name of Nassau), and near adjacency to the Florida Strait, Nassau became a nest of privateers and pirates preying on mainly Spanish shipping returning to Spain with gold, silver, and other wealth. Charles Town was burnt to the ground by the Spanish in 1684, but rebuilt and renamed Nassau in 1695 in honour of King William III of England (from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau). The apex of piratical activity there was from 1715 to 1725, after which the British government established a formal colony and military headquarters centered on the small city of Nassau fronting the New Providence harbor.