PotBS Wiki
Type Manufactured
Weight 1
Produced By Forge Nails
Used By Bundle Unrest Supplies: Metal

'Agamemnon' Bark (Captured)
'Arcadia' Xebec (Captured)
'Bermuda' Mastercraft Sloop (Captured)
'Capricieux' Courier Frigate (Captured)
'Capricieux' Frigate (Captured)
'Capricieux' Heavy Frigate (Captured)
'Capricieux' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured)
'Cerberus' Courier Frigate (Captured)
'Cerberus' Frigate (Captured)
'Cerberus' Heavy Frigate (Captured)
'Cerberus' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured)
'Conquistador' Frigate (Captured)
'Conquistador' Sleek Frigate (Captured)
'Corsair' Mastercraft Xebec (Captured)
'Corsair' Sleek Xebec (Captured)
'Corsair' Xebec (Captured)
'Curieuse' Snow (Captured)
'Defiant' Frigate (Captured)
'Defiant' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured)
'Defiant' Sleek Frigate (Captured)
'Deliverance' Frigate (Captured)
'Deliverance' Heavy Frigate (Captured)
'Hercules' Frigate (Captured)
'Hermes' Mastercraft Packet-Boat (Captured)
'Lexington' Brig (Captured)
'Lexington' Mastercraft Brig (Captured)
'Locust' Mastercraft Corvette (Captured)
'Mediator' Mastercraft Cutter (Captured)
'Myrmidon' Frigate (Captured)
'Myrmidon' Heavy Frigate (Captured)
'Myrmidon' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured)
'Mystique' Polacre (Captured)
'Postillionen' Frigate (Captured)
'Raa' Courier Frigate (Captured)
'Raa' Frigate (Captured)
'Raa' Heavy Frigate (Captured)
'Raa' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured)
'San Mateo' Galleon (Captured)
'Santiago' Galleon (Captured)
'Stralsund' Frigate (Captured)
'Stralsund' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured)
'Tigre' Frigate (Captured)
'Tigre' Heavy Frigate (Captured)
'Tigre' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured)
'Tigre' Sleek Frigate (Captured)
Advanced Huge Hull Construction
Advanced Large Hull Construction
Bulwarks, Heavy
Bulwarks, Superior
Colossal Armor Planking 1
Colossal Armor Planking 2
Colossal Hull
Colossal Reinforced Hull 1
Colossal Reinforced Hull 2
Colossal Streamlined Hull 1
Colossal Streamlined Hull 2
Craft Langridge
Emergency Mast Brace 1
Emergency Mast Brace 2
Emergency Mast Brace 3
Emergency Mast Brace 4
Emergency Mast Brace 5
Hardened Masts 1
Hardened Masts 2
Hardened Masts 3
Hardened Masts 4
Hercules' Hull Modification 1
Hercules' Hull Modification 2
Hercules' Hull Modification 3
Hercules' Hull Modification 4
Huge Armor Planking 1
Huge Armor Planking 2
Huge Armor Planking 3
Huge Hull
Huge Reinforced Hull 1
Huge Reinforced Hull 2
Huge Reinforced Hull 3
Huge Streamlined Hull 1
Huge Streamlined Hull 2
Huge Streamlined Hull 3
Large Armor Planking 1
Large Armor Planking 2
Large Armor Planking 3
Large Armor Planking 4
Large Hull
Large Reinforced Hull 1
Large Reinforced Hull 2
Large Reinforced Hull 3
Large Reinforced Hull 4
Large Streamlined Hull 1
Large Streamlined Hull 2
Large Streamlined Hull 3
Large Streamlined Hull 4
Medium Armor Planking 1
Medium Armor Planking 2
Medium Armor Planking 3
Medium Armor Planking 4
Medium Armor Planking 5
Medium Hull
Medium Reinforced Hull 1
Medium Reinforced Hull 2
Medium Reinforced Hull 3
Medium Reinforced Hull 4
Medium Reinforced Hull 5
Medium Streamlined Hull 1
Medium Streamlined Hull 2
Medium Streamlined Hull 3
Medium Streamlined Hull 4
Medium Streamlined Hull 5
Poseidon's Hull Modification 1
Poseidon's Hull Modification 2
Poseidon's Hull Modification 3
Poseidon's Hull Modification 4
Reinforced Bow
Reinforced Bow, Heavy
Reinforced Bow, Superior
Reinforced Gun Ports 1
Reinforced Gun Ports 2
Reinforced Gun Ports 3
Reinforced Gun Ports 4
Reinforced Stern
Reinforced Stern, Heavy
Reinforced Stern, Superior
Reinforced Structure 1
Reinforced Structure 2
Reinforced Structure 3
Reinforced Structure 4
Small Armor Planking 1
Small Armor Planking 2
Small Armor Planking 3
Small Armor Planking 4
Small Armor Planking 5
Small Armor Planking 6
Small Hull
Small Reinforced Hull 1
Small Reinforced Hull 2
Small Reinforced Hull 3
Small Reinforced Hull 4
Small Reinforced Hull 5
Small Reinforced Hull 6
Small Streamlined Hull 1
Small Streamlined Hull 2
Small Streamlined Hull 3
Small Streamlined Hull 4
Small Streamlined Hull 5
Small Streamlined Hull 6
St. Elmo's Masts Modification 1
St. Elmo's Masts Modification 2
St. Elmo's Masts Modification 3
St. Elmo's Masts Modification 4
Streamlined Structure 1
Streamlined Structure 2
Streamlined Structure 3
Streamlined Structure 4
Teak Armor 1
Teak Armor 2
Teak Armor 3
Tiny Hull

Every ship is positively riddled with nails, which represent the bulk of the iron used in ship construction.