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Matthew Town, Great Inagua, the Bahamas

Matthew Town
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Nation: Pirates (Nation)
Region: Antilles
Info: Conquerable Port

This port has a Deep Natural Harbor

Resources: Fertile Soil
Forest (Ironwood)
Abundant Game
Natural Harbor
Deep Natural Harbor
NPC Level: Unknown

Facts and History[]

Matthew Town is not in the Greater Antilles but is actually part of the Bahamas. For gaming purposes it was assigned to the former category. Great Inagua is the third largest island in the Bahamas at 596 sq mi (1544 km²) and lies about 55 miles (90 km) from the eastern tip of Cuba. The island is about 55 x 19 miles (90 x 30 km) in extent, the highest point being 108 ft (33 m) on East Hill. It encloses several lakes, most notably the 12-mile long Lake Windsor (also called Lake Rosa) which occupies nearly 1/4 of the interior. The population of Great Inagua is 969 (2000 census).

The island's capital and only harbour is Matthew Town, named after George Matthew a 19th century Governor of the Bahamas. This town houses the Morton Salt Company’s main facility, producing 500 tonnes of sea salt a year - the second largest solar saline operation in North America and Inagua's main industry. Great Inagua Airport (IATA: IGA, ICAO: MYIG) is located nearby.

There is a large bird sanctuary in the centre of the island with a population of more than 80,000 of West Indian flamingoes and many other exotic birds such as roseate spoonbills, pelicans, herons, egrets, and Bahama pintail ducks.

Several documented treasure laden ships were destroyed on Inaguan reefs between the years of 1500 and 1825. The two most valuable wrecks lost off the Inaguas were treasure-laden Spanish galleons; the Santa Rose (1599) and the Infanta (1788). Other ships of considerable value were British HMS Statira and HMS Lowestoffe in 1802, and French Le Count De Paix in 1713.


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