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Loot Items are special treasures that can be dropped by NPCs during missions or fleeting. They can also be obtained from the Conquest Salvage Crate.

They can be sold directly to any Junk Merchant for a quick but small profit. Additionally, certain combinations of Loot Items can be exchanged for useful consumable items (Junk Merchants offer different consumables depending on their location). Some of these combinations produce consumables particularly valuable to PvP players looking for an edge. This creates a lucrative market and high demand for particular loot items. Before wasting your potential wealth by selling high value loot to the Junk Merchant , check the Auction-House prices before throwing doubloons away.

A large collection of Loot Items is required to complete a mission that offers the Jury-Rigged Barrel ship deed as one of its rewards.

For a full list of Loot Items, see Category:Loot Items.