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Lineship Structural Bundle
Hull Icon.jpg
Type Shipwright Material
Weight 250
Produced By Lineship Structural Materials
Used By 'Centurion' Third Rate

'Couronne' Galleon
'Couronne' Mastercraft Galleon
'Hercules' Heavy Frigate
'Hercules' Mastercraft Frigate
'Hercules' Pirate Frigate
'Hercules' Sleek Frigate
'Invincible' First Rate
'Prince' First Rate
'San Mateo' Heavy Galleon
'San Mateo' Trader's Galleon
'Trinity' Second Rate
'Triumphant' Second Rate
'Valiant' Third Rate
'Wenden' Third Rate

The process of building a ship of the line, or any other very large warship, involves sorting through many tons of goods. Even those of moderate quality are discarded; only the very finest specimens of each material are kept for the final construction.