Mission Mission Sea Mission Avcom Mixed Mission
This mission involves both Avcom and Ship combat at various stages.
Keep Your Enemies Closer
Nation: Pirate-Crest
Career: All
Location: Pirate-Crest St. Rose's Bay
Level: This is a level 24 mission, and becomes available at character level 19. 24 This is a level 24 mission, and becomes available at character level 19.
NPC: Pirate-Crest Josette Mercado
Rewards: Dubloons icon 2375 Doubloons
460 Experience
Previous: Damage Control
Next: Three Sitting Ducks
Information based on version Current game version is update

Josette Mercado isn't angry at you for stealing those documents from her, because that means that Silvia Duveau trusts you. Which is helpful, because she'd like you to convince Duveau to meet with her.

Mission Notes

This is a two-part mission. After talking to the merchant woman in town, you can start the first part which takes place in the cabin of a ship. The merchant will be there, but the pirate won't turn up. You'll have to find a note and click on it, which triggers an ambush by a few level 24 NPCs. Defeat them while keeping the merchant alive (she'll help you fight) to finish this part of the mission.

After this, you have to save the merchant's flagship from the pirates. This is a sea battle against opponents between level 17 and 24. You will have five NPC allies with you (including the ship you have to protect), so theoretically the two parties should be evenly matched and your task not too difficult.

However, terrain and NPC behaviour can still turn this mission into an exercise in frustration. First, at the start of it the merchant ship will be directly upwind from you. Also, it takes place in between a lot of small islands which seems to confuse the NPC AI. Most of your NPC allies (3 out of 5) will be with you at the beginning, but don't expect them to follow you. While the enemies generally seem to do a better (but thankfully not perfect) job at homing in on and following their prey, your allies have a tendency to sail off in a random direction and/or get stuck in some corner. Some of them might eventually find their way back to you to support you, but you'll probably have to fight most of the opponents by yourself (although the terrain here also works to your advantage, because you usually won't have to take on more than two at the same time).

Mission Objectives

  • Mediate the Meeting between Silvia and Josette
  • Find a Note from Josette
  • Defend Silvia from the Pirates
    • Protect Silvia's Marked Ship
    • Defeat All the Attacking Pirates: 0/6
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