Joe Ludwig

Joe Ludwig was born to Donald and Nancy on October 16, 1971 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where his family only lived few months. Most of his early childhood was spent in Windsor, CO where he graduated Windsor High School in May 1990, and went on to Colorado State University where he majored in Computer Science. To pay his way through school, he worked various jobs (including a 4 year stint at Wal-Mart) and took out a whole lot of student loans.

While in school, he joined with several friends to start BadgerCom Software, a company that produced role-playing aid software and provides services to shareware authors. Unfortunately BCom wasn't doing well enough to support him when he finally graduated CSU in December 1994, so two days after graduation he started a job at Discovery Zone installing light and sound systems in DZ stores.

His tenure with DZ lasted only 3 months before Hewlett-Packard hired him in March 1995, which came at a fortunate time as Discovery Zone was about to declare bankruptcy. Jeo never regretted his decision to leave.

Hewlett-Packard hired him into the Quality department of its Roseville Networks Division to provide software development tool support to the RND labbies. He wrote firmware for JetDirect, HP's line of network print servers.

When Joe is not working or schooling, he is a gaming fiend. He regularly plays Warhammer Quest, AD&D and a myriad of other games. I'm also interested in Live-Action Roleplaying (LARP).

Current title: Lead Programmer

Joined Flying Lab: 1999

Previous experience: Hewlett-Packard, Sierra