Jack Penguin is a PotBS player who has decided to create some Tutorial video's on Youtube. If you are new to the game, these video's may be usefull for you.

His own introduction: "I think every one knows that I'm not that great at this game, but no one else is doing this so I will. It would probably be a good idea for the good of the game for you guys who do know what you are doing to comment on the video when I get stuff wrong."

Check out his channel:

His video's defined by subjects: Edit

Getting started!:

Getting started, with economy:

Boarding Tutorial - Mission:

Tutorial av-com Avatar Combat:

Advanced av-com:

OS Sailing and Tackling PotBS:

Port Battle Tutorial -

FT epic missions:

Some more general video's: Edit

ftp, Complete game, @lvl cap, all content, absolutely free and unlocked:

Free to play? Really?:

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