Mission Mission Avcom Swashbuckling Mission
This mission involves Swashbuckling or simple interaction with NPCs.
Mission Storyline Roleplaying Mission
This mission is part of the roleplaying story arc and must be completed solo.
In Like Flynn
Nation: Britain-Crest France-Crest Spain-Crest Pirate-Crest
Career: All
Location: Britain-Crest Ambergris
France-Crest Belle Isle
Spain-Crest Rio de la Hacha
Pirate-Crest Carbaneras
Level: This is a level 20 mission, and becomes available at character level 15. 20 This is a level 20 mission, and becomes available at character level 15.
NPC: Your One True Love
Rewards: 390 Experience
Title: Royal Consort
Previous: Cooler Heads Prevail
Threatening Posture
Next: Labors of Love
Hopeful Alliance
Dirty, Rotten Trick
Hot Coffee
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While you are in the Algier's Consulate, you might as well go and chat with that sibling of Uncle Ibrahim that caught your eye earlier.

Mission Notes

This is the first mission in a series chain involving your Love Interest, whom you choose during the Just in Time mission. There will be no fighting required - instead, you will need to talk to various NPCs.

Begin by finding your Love Interest in the Algier's Consulate and speak with him/her. Your reception will be somewhat chilly, so you will need to find your Love's personal servant (who should be somewhere nearby), and talk to that one. After getting a bit of exposition pertaining to the Roleplay Story arc, they'll send off you to find an expert in town whom is apparently very knowledgable in the matters of Romance.

Speak with Doctor Love to obtain a copy of his newest book "Prepare to be Boarded: The Seaman's Guide to Love in the New World".
If for some reason, at this point, you changed your mind whom you have choosen, you are given an opportunity to select a different sibling!

Love Interest change

Doctor Love's price for a change of Heart.

Then return back to your Love Interest to try out your new knowledge.

There's one problem there: one of their siblings will be hovering nearby and will need to be distracted while you're flirting. Which one it is should be indicated on your local map at this stage. Talk to this sibling, then use the /fiddle emote to distract them. After this, you have a short span of time to go back to your Love Interest and then flirt with them by using the /flirt emote. Repeat this a three times, at the end of which, you will have won your Love Interest's heart (and the mission's reward).

Mission Objectives

  • Speak with Doctor Love in the local Tavern
  • Distract the nearby Sibling using /Fiddle/
    • /Flirt with your Love Interest: 0/3

Additional Notes

If you choose Threatening Posture, completing Threatening Posture without turning it in for the reward is enough to make In Like Flynn available.


Starting text if Rashid is chosen.

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