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A gunpowder increases the effectiveness of your ship's cannons. You have standard and First-Rate gunpowders. Only one (1) gunpowder can be activated.


  • Gunpowder (Fine-Grained): +4 Accuracy
  • Gunpowder (Coarse-Grained): +5% Damage
  • Gunpowder (Pre-Measured): +5% Reload


  • Gunpowder, First-Rate (Fine-Grained): +6 Accuracy
  • Gunpowder, First-Rate (Coarse-Grained): +7.5% Damage
  • Gunpowder, First-Rate (Pre-Measured): +7.5% Reload

Standard gunpowders are a cheap solution to increase cannon performance. The First-Rate gunpowders are more expensive, but worth it if you really need them. TIP: refresh your gunpowder every certain minutes.

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