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French Flag.png
Nation: France
Region: Florida
Info: Conquerable Port

This port has a Natural Harbor

Resources: Fertile Soil
Fertile Soil (Sugar)
Abundant Game
Natural Harbor
Forest (Oak)
NPC Level: Unknown

The French Economy Tutorial starts and ends here. Players choose to continue the Economy Tutorial in Grenville or in Tampa.


As terms of the Treaty of Paris (1763) that ended the Seven Years War the Spanish colony of Florida was ceded to the British before being returned to Spanish control in 1783. During that brief tenure it is believed that a small colony was founded at Grenville, now known as Jupiter, Florida. It is believed that the colony name was taken from the British Prime Minister, George Grenville, who was in power when the treaty was signed. An alternate theory is that the Grenville family, to whom the PM belonged, held the colony charter. The British colony failed and was abandoned before the territory was returned to Spanish control.

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Alternate History[]

Following the end of the French War of Religion came a period of stability that allowed for further expansion in Florida. Colonists established a town on southern tip of Florida they named after their home of Grenville, France.