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Type: Anti-personnel
Weight: 0.0005
Max Range: 60%
Armor Damage: 15 - 20%
Structure Damage: 15 - 20%
Mast and Sail Damage: 2.5%
Crew Damage: 22.5 - 32%
Produced By: Crate of Grape Shot
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A number of small shots stacked carefully together in the cannon, grapeshot was used to injure and demoralize crew.


A new Ammunition development in the early 18th century, and still (theoretically) restricted to the Navy.

The shot consisted of nine iron balls, arranged in three nestled stacks of three around a spindle, sitting on a cap and secured by a canvas cover. When a naval 36lb Cannon fired grapeshot, it was actually firing nine 4lb round cannonballs. Think about that the next time you and your 4lb guns on your Sloop think about tangling with a Ship of the Line. There may be some more types of shot available in the game - you'll have to find that out for yourself - hopefully not when it's flying toward you. My sources on this are primarily "The Seventy-Four Gun Ship" by Jean Boudriot, and "The Line of Battle".