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Golden Lake
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Nation: Pirates (Nation)
Region: Mexico
Info: Conquerable Port
Resources: Abundant Game
Silver Deposits
Guano Caves
NPC Level: Unknown

Important Note[]

The 'Church' room within Golden Lake is experiencing an error. The Church is not accessible by characters standing by and clicking the door, as is generally the case when trying to access a room. It can be accessed by standing at the landward end of Golden Lake's dock and clicking the door from there, but cannot then be exited; any character successful in entering Golden Lake's Church will then be trapped.


Golden Lake is in the disputed territory of Tejas also known as Texas. Alonso Álvarez de Pineda made the first documented European sighting of Texas in 1519. On 6 November 1528, shipwrecked Spanish conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca became the first known European in Texas. In 1685 La Salle established the first European community in Texas, the French colony of Fort Saint Louis. The colony, located along Matagorda Bay, lasted only four years before succumbing to harsh conditions and hostile natives.

Due to the perceived French encroachment, Spain established its first presence in Texas in 1691 constructing of missions in East Texas. The missions failed quickly, and Spain did not resettle Texas until two decades had passed. Spain returned to East Texas in 1716, establishing missions and a presidio to maintain a buffer between New Spain and the territory of Louisiana. Two years later, the first European civilian settlement in Texas, San Antonio, was established.

Hostile native tribes and remoteness from New Spain discouraged settlers from moving to Texas and it remained one of New Spain's least populated provinces. San Antonio was a target for raids by the Lipan Apache. In 1749, the Spanish signed a peace treaty with the Apache, which resulted in raids by the enemies of the Apache, the Comanche, Tonkawa, and Hasinai tribes. The Comanche signed a treaty with Spain in 1785 and later assisted in defeating the Lipan Apache and Karankawa tribes. An increased number of missions in the province allowed for a peaceful conversion of other tribes, and by the end of the 1700s only a few nomadic tribes had not been "Christianized".

Alternate History[]

Golden Lake or Lago de Oro in Spanish, Luc d'or in French is one of those places that if they had travel brochures in 1720 they most certainly would've told you to avoid. It's not the run down cantina with bad service and lice in the beds. Nor is the hostile native tribes who wil gladly bury you in an ant mound if you leave the relative safety of the town. It is the townspeople themselves that make Golden Lake a not very nice to visit. They are pirates of the worse sort. The kind that are so mean they scare away the murderous tribes around their town. No, Golden Lake has nothing going for it, unless you are a pirate. Then it might feel like home.