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Nation: Spain
Region: Antilles
Info: Conquerable Port
Resources: Fertile Soil
Fertile Soil (Sugar)
Forest (Teak)
Forest (Oak)
NPC Level: Unknown


It was at Bahía de Gibara that Christopher Columbus first landed on Cuba on October 28, 1492 with his three caravels. Rising to the southeast of Gibara is the flat-topped mountain known as the Silla de Gibara (Saddle of Gibara) which Columbus described in his logbook on that day. Gibara became a major sugar-trading port in colonial days. It was known first as Villa Blanca and locally as La Perla del Oriente or "The Pearl of the East" since it is in eastern Cuba. It was so important that the city was walled to protect it from pirate attacks. Today it is a sleeply little fishing port.