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Gang Signals
Nation: Britain-Crest.png France-Crest.png Spain-Crest.png Pirate-Crest.png
Career: All
Location: Britain-Crest.png Bartica
France-Crest.png Tampa
Spain-Crest.png Sisal
Pirate-Crest.png Whitby
Level: This is a level 15 mission, and becomes available at character level 10. 15 This is a level 15 mission, and becomes available at character level 10.
NPC: Britain-Crest.png Angelica Ryan
France-Crest.png Arcades Vallis
Spain-Crest.png Rodrigo Soledad
Pirate-Crest.png John Francis
Rewards: Dubloons icon.png 1700 Doubloons
255 Experience
Title: Agent Provocateur
Hull Patch, Standard: x2
Keg of Rum, Standard: x2
Mast Brace, Standard: x2
Spare Guns, Standard: x2
Structural Brace, Standard: x2

[[On The Books: Bloody Arms]]
[[On The Books: Dead Redcoats]]
[[On The Books: Los Ladrones]]
[[On The Books: Sharktooth Raiders

Information based on version Current game version is

Black Flags and Dread Saints, Chapter 1

The Brethren of the Coast is a nation of cutthroats and villains to be sure, but even without those vermin, the Caribbean would have more than a fair share of scallywags and pillagers to keep any Navy occupied.

Mission Notes

When you accept this mission, you may ask your contact for the other four companion missions, one for each of the Pirate Gangs. Each mission chain will reward you with the needed signal book(s). Bring all signal books back to get your reward for this mission.

You will need to return: