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About Flying Lab Software[]

Flying Lab Software, a Seattle-based game development company, is the maker of the critically acclaimed Rails Across America, Editor’s Choice from Computer Gaming World and Editor’s Choice and Best Multiplayer Game of the Year from Computer Games magazine. Their current project is Pirates of the Burning Sea, an innovative massively multiplayer online roleplaying game of adventure and naval combat in the age of sail.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Development Team[]

Senior Staff / Directors[]

Russell Williams
CEO & Co-Founder of FLS
Nickname : Rusty
Manages business relationships and kibbitzes on design and UI issues. Previous credits include DaVinci Systems eMail, Windows 95, Exchange, and Microsoft Golf 3.0 and 4.0.

Paul Canniff
Executive Producer & Co-Founder of FLS
Nickname : Robespierre
Programming and design work, including the camera modes and the ship wake.

Michelle Williams
Nickname : Misha
Does important stuff now, replacing Rev (and/or Joe?). Used to do testing and whatnot.

Bruce Sharp
Art Director
Nickname : BSharp
Art and production management, shader and editor work, textures, lighting. Previous credits include: Unreal Championship 2, Blinx 2, Half_Life: Counter Strike, Fuzion Frenzy, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, Torin's Passage.

Jess Lebow
Content Director
Nickname: Admiral Elbow, Daniel Jackson
Work History: ArenaNet, Wizards of the Coast


Tom Tobey
Animation Lead
Nickname: ttobey

Jeff DuLong
Environment Lead
Nickname: jeffd

Ken Osuna
Character Lead
Nickname: KenO

Raymond Wood
Technical Content Lead
Nickname: Raymond

Todd Schultz
Test Lead
Nickname: Nutch
Quality pulse taker, assigner of tasks, killer of bugs

Janice Von Itter
User Experience
Nickname: fraxl
Purple-haired, starry-eyed taker of notes.


Heidi Gaertner
Nickname : Heidi
Graphics, graphics, graphics, physics, graphics.

Rick Saada
Gentleman Programmer, Pastry Chef, & EPFBM
Nickname : RickSaada
Chief tools guy. My job is to make John and Bruce happy. Oh, and bake banana bread, which we list as a corporate benefit. Years ago I wrote a shareware adventure game called Castle of the Winds, which still generates fan mail :)

Mike Byron
Chat, login, inventory, general UI

Brady Houck
Nickname : Brady
Combat and damage, AI

Brendan Walker
Nickname: BrendanW
Creator of flags, slave to the mission system

Justin Miller
Nickname: Justinian
Servers, avatar motion/combat, and more servers

Tim Burris
Software Development Engineer in Test
Nickname : Timbojones
Automation, testing

Frank Krause
Software Development Engineer in Test
Nickname : ActionFrank
Automate! Test! Flip!

Kevin Tatroe
Web Developer
Nickname : ktatroe, K2
PHP god


Drew Clowery
Nickname : Drewc

David Hunt
Nickname : Taelorn

Community / PR[]

Theresa Pudenz
Public Relations
Nickname : TheresaP (or treesap)
Comes up with crazy yet brilliant PR ideas.

Tom Atkinson-Edwards
Community Specialist
Nickname: Rhaegar
Idler, GM (when beta was small and men were mice), infamous IRC Griefer (allegedly)

Donna Prior
Forum Specialist
Nickname: Danicia
Forum moderator and drop bear tamer.


Travis Anderson
Nickname :

Justin Roberts
IT Flunkie
Nickname : Squidd

Content Team[]

Bert Harvey
Content Designer
Nickname : Bert

Val Miller
Content Designer
Nickname: Val

Bryan Yarrow
Content Designer
Nickname: HighLevelMob? on the PotBS boards

Gavin Irby
Content Designer
Nickname : Dioscuriguy

Matt Tobiason
Content Designer
Nickname :

Pat Hoynes
Content Designer
Nickname :

Anna Murchison
Technical Content Designer
Nickname :

Chris Pramas
Nickname :

Cory J. Herndon
Nickname :

Jaclyn Schumate
Sound Designer
Nickname :


Greg Frizzell
Environment Artist
Environment designer, modeler, texturer.
Work history: Lidar VFX

Nathan Lange
Environment Artist
Nickname: Nate
Town designer, modeler, texturer.
Work History: Valkyrie Entertainment

Jason Hammon
Environment Artist
Environment designer, modeler, texturer

Noah Presnell
Environment Artist

Vo Hoang
Environment Artist

Megan Merritt
Environment Artist

Woody Engle
Environment Artist
I design, model, texture, light, and fix environments.

Gavin Mackay
Environment Artist

Nicholas Peterson
FX Artists / UI Artist

Kevin Loza
CG Artist
I sketch, paint, animate, design UI, 3d model, texture, 3d animate, tool design, create intellectual properties, and game design.

Mat Staltman
Character Animator
Name on Boards: Mat

Lindsey Krassin
Character Animator
Portfolio site: www.lindseykrassin.com
Animator, Illustrator, concept/character designer.

Young Jin Kwon
Character Artist

TD Chiu
Character Artist

Diana Lee
UI Artist

Nick Beeson
Technical Artist

Test Departement[]

Marc Watkins

Jason Gettel
Test, Customer Service
Nickname : Nutty

Ex Employees[]

Joe Ludwig
Director of Development
Nickname : Joe
Writes a lot of the core technology on the servers, some of the UI, and tries to keep the other programmers way too busy.
Joe has now moved on to a new company, developing a new game.
John Tynes
Producer - Former Game Designer & Writer, Content Lead
Nickname : Rev
Designs and scripts the mission system and some other features; oversees sound, music, and particle effects.

Troy Hewitt
Director, Community Relations
Nickname : Aether
Community Manager, and dev-support, and infamous meme. Reported directly to the CEO. Now works at Carbine Studios for NC Soft on a new MMORPG called WildStar

Kevin Maginn
Lead Game Designer
Nickname : Isildur
Design crackpot
Now works at Rainspark Labs


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