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Career: Freetrader
Career Freetrader
Skill Tree Career
Target self
Range n.a.
Duration 45 seconds
Morale Cost 35
Reset Timer 5 minutes
Cooldown category none
Level 5
Skills none
(this info is based on version

Nail a few planks up and hoist some canvas as improved sails, and you can hold a damaged ship together.


Effect Amount
Repair Port Armor 30%
Repair Starboard Armor 30%
Repair Bow Armor 30%
Repair Stern Armor 30%
Repair Hull 15%
Repair Bowsprit 30%
Repair Foremast 30%
Repair Mainmast 30%
Repair Mizzenmast 30%
Armor Damage Reduction, All +2
Mast Damage Reduction, All +2


Follow the missions given by the Freetrader Trainers starting at level 5 to acquire this highly useful skill.

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