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Career: Freetrader
Career Freetrader
Skill Tree Career
Target self
Range n.a.
Duration Passive
Morale Cost n.a.
Reset Timer n.a.
Cooldown category none
Level 20
Skills none
(this info is based on version

Description: Passive skill.
Enables the use of advanced recipes(*) and structures, also allows you to browse and purchase (depending on your Trader's reputation(s)) auction listings in distant regions.
Also provides a small ship combat stat bonus.


Effect Amount
Structure Damage Resistance +3%
Doubloon Bonus, NPC Defeat +5%
Auction House World Search Enable
Use Advanced Structures Enable


Follow the missions given by the Freetrader Trainers at level 20, Dividing Loyalties, to acquire this highly useful skill. The ability to search globally for goods was formerly a skill in the "Logistics" tree for Freetraders, but it was moved to this career skill when "Logistics" was removed and replaced with the "Disabling" tree.

(*) Once completed, check your Capital City's Company office for available Recipe Books.

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