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Black Sails and Dread Saints

The Dread Saints were introduced as an entire "finding Blackbeard" storyline in build release version 1.12.45.x
They are also a newly introduced Evil Pirate Gang.
They can be found South of Antilles in very low quantities

Elite Captains[]

So far there is seven known Dread Saint's Elite Captains: Dread Missionary, Minister Pain, Prebendary Pillage, Ichavod the Fervid, Sister Redolence, Friar Fury and Saint Montrose. Only the first four grant a player title, the last one being the most difficult to defeat as it'll use the bucaneer's hability "Wolf Pack: Prowlers", buffing himself and his companion npcs. Friar Fury will always drop the personal item "Blackbeard's Journal" which grants a mission.

Any Elite Captain can drop the super-rare (drop rate lower than Fairfax component drops) "Whale Bone" of which three are needed for the Pirate-only Maurader ship.

Because of the very low density of their spawns on Open Sea it is higly recommended to use the catch and release tactic, fit your ship with speed increasing outfittings or select a fast ship, position yourself downwind with the npc behind you and enter combat, if there is no elite captain you can speed up and escape combat easily after which you will reenter combat with the same npc pack.

You may also return looted Dread Saint's Heretic prisoners to either The Inquisition in San Juan or Knights Templar in Tortuga for Reputation and a 12000 doubloon reward.

Chapter 1 - Rebel Apostles[]

Begins in each of the Starter Port regions. Of the 4 missions to complete, each will tie the other ones together.

Just a mistaken identity of Knight flags.

Chapter 2[]

Chapter 3 - Wolf Slayer[]

A Martiniquian's Head, available in Fort-de-France from Célestin d'Amostoy, followed by quests from the governor of France in Pointe-à-Pitre.

Chapter 4 - Treasure Maps[]

Chapter 5[]