Black Sails and Dread Saints

The Dread Saints were introduced as an entire "finding Blackbeard" storyline in build release version 1.12.45.x
They are also a newly introduced Evil Pirate Gang.
Uniquely, their Elite named Captains may rarely drop a "whale bone" which is needed to assemble the prized Pirate-only Maurader ship.

You may also return looted Dread Saint's Heretic prisoners to either The Inquisition in San Juan or Knights Templar in Tortuga for Reputation and coin rewards.

Chapter 1 - Rebel ApostlesEdit

Begins in each of the Starter Port regions. Of the 4 missions to complete, each will tie the other ones together.

Just a mistaken identity of Knight flags.

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 3 - Wolf SlayerEdit

A Martiniquian's Head, available in Fort-de-France from Célestin d'Amostoy, followed by quests from the governor of France in Pointe-à-Pitre.

Chapter 4 - Treasure MapsEdit

Chapter 5Edit

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