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Damage, also referred as Dmg, determines how much you hurt the enemy. Damage is a flat number and every cannon has another base value. For more information, look at the table below.

Cannon Damage
4lb 24.0
6lb 26.0
8lb 28.0
9lb 30.0
12lb 33.0
16lb 36.0
18lb 39.0
24lb 46.0
32lb 54.0
42lb 63.0

Damage can NEVER exceed 100% of the cannons base damage. For example: a 32lbs cannon can never do more than 108 damage (54 damage is base). Their are two (2) exceptions:

  1. If you use Explosive Round Shot, you can push the damage to 105% of listened damage, in this case with a 32lbs up to ~113 (108 x 1,05). However, you have to be at minimum range (0 yards) to achieve this, which is in practical almost (mission) impossible.
  2. If target's Damage Reduction is zero (0) and target's Damage Resistance is negative, you can deal more than 113 (with Explosive Round Shot at 0 yards) damage. In the most optimal scenario that target's Damage Resistance is -50% (is that even possible?), you can deal up to 113 x 1,50 = ~170 damage with a 32lbs. Some fun math around this: if we take the ship with the biggest 32lbs gundeck we get the 'Indomitable' First Rate. A 32x32lbs gundeck means 16x32lb on each side. With cannon base damage, firing with Heavy Round Shot at 0 yards and a target without any DR or Res, you would deal 16 x 54 = 864 damage. In our most optimal scenario you would deal 16 x 170 = ~2720 damage. Enough to One-shot a 'Hawk' Frigate!

Now we are serious again. You can increase your damage with the following:

Some Debuffs will decrease your damage, same for some Fittings*.

*Do note that Damage is subject to Stacking Penalties.

For more information: Reload, Accuracy, Damage-Per-Second, Damage Reduction, Damage Resistance

Damage and sinking[]

If your structure, also called hull, the inner circle of your ship, reaches zero (0), you will sink. For more information, click here.

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