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If you were ever to go into privateering, don't as a Corsario del Rey. The Corsarios are paid terribly, cheated on every prize they sell to The House of Trade, disrespected by the Armada, and routinely called upon only when the butcher's bill is so long, no sane admiral would have any hope left of salvaging a mission. Even so, the Corsarios del Rey time and again emerge victorious. They are some of the toughest, most stubborn privateers in the Carribean. The Corsarios need all the help they can get and you'll never meet a more loyal and deicated friend than a Corsario del Rey.

The Spanish Privateer Faction

Their Office is located in San Juan, contact Felix Cahera.

Regional Mission Contacts
In Villa Hermosa, chat with Bernardo Esposito.
In Maracaibo, chat with Zara Dominguez.

Spanish Reputation maybe gained with them by speaking with the Pirate Hunter's in Villa Hermosa, Maracaibo and of course San Juan. The Pirate Hunters in those ports have bounties for captains with appropriate experience.