Mission Mission Avcom Swashbuckling Mission
This mission involves Swashbuckling or simple interaction with NPCs.
Mission Storyline Roleplaying Mission
This mission is part of the roleplaying story arc and must be completed solo.
Cooler Heads Prevail
Nation: Britain-Crest France-Crest Spain-Crest Pirate-Crest
Career: All
Location: Britain-Crest Ambergris
France-Crest Belle Isle
Spain-Crest Rio de la Hacha
Pirate-Crest Carbaneras
Level: This is a level 20 mission, and becomes available at character level 15. 20 This is a level 20 mission, and becomes available at character level 15.
NPC: Britain-Crest Beatrix Lyon
France-Crest Yvonne Deschevaux
Spain-Crest Isabel de la Garza
Pirate-Crest Portia Savery
Rewards: Dubloons icon 2075 Doubloons
390 Experience
Previous: Checks and Balances
Next: Gesture of Peace
In Like Flynn
Information based on version Current game version is

The other Admiral you've been sent to, would prefer to establish a diplomatic relationship with the Corsairs. You are to act as her emissary and have been requested to speak with Uncle Ibrahim, the leader of the Algiers delegation.

Mission Notes

You will return to the Consulate of Algiers to bring Ibrahim the Admiral's message.
Then return to the Admiral to get the next mission.
While you are there, you might as well ask about the strange Arabic notations on your map!

Mission Task

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