This crate is a source of Loot Items, using it will fill the ship's hold with a random assortment of treasures that can be sold or exchanged at the Junk Merchant for more useful items. Approximately 30-40 stacks of Loot Items are created, each containing 1-6 treasures.

Conquest Salvage Crate can be purchased for 15 Marks of Trade in the Admiralty Office (for national players).

Only characters that are level 45 or higher can purchase it, while it can only be purchased or used once per day.

Average drop of each crate (based on 18 crates, 1069 items)

Emerald Pendant Emerald Pendant (1.3)
Gold Blade Gold Blade (0.5)
Gold Cross Gold Cross (1.16)
Gold Eagle Gold Eagle (0.66)
Gold Earrings Gold Earrings (0.88)
Gold Goblet Gold Goblet (0.38)
Gold Jaguar Gold Jaguar (0.77)
Gold Madonna Gold Madonna (1)
Gold Mask Gold Mask (0.72)
Gold Necklace Gold Necklace (0.55)
Gold Pendant Gold Pendant (0.5)
Gold Plaque Gold Plaque (0.9)
Gold Ring Gold Ring (0.77)
Gold Skull Gold Skull (0.6)
Gold Warrior Gold Warrior (0.38)
Jade Eagle Jade Eagle (1)
Jade Jaguar Jade Jaguar (1.38)
Jade Pendant Jade Pendant (0.6)
Jade Plaque Jade Plaque (1.6)
Jade Ring Jade Ring (1.8)
Jade Skull Jade Skull (1.7)
Jade Warrior Jade Warrior (1.55)
Obsidian Blade Obsidian Blade (1.5)
Obsidian Eagle Obsidian Eagle (1.66)
Obsidian Earrings Obsidian Earrings (1.77)

Obsidian Jaguar Obsidian Jaguar (1.7)
Obsidian Pendant Obsidian Pendant (1.77)
Obsidian Warrior Obsidian Warrior (1.66)
Pearl Pendant Pearl Pendant (1.1)
Pouch of Emeralds Pouch of Emeralds (1)
Pouch of Pearls Pouch of Pearls (1.38)
Pouch of Rubies Pouch of Rubies (1.27)
Pouch of Sapphires Pouch of Sapphires (1.16)
Ruby Pendant Ruby Pendant (1.16)
Sapphire Pendant Sapphire Pendant (1.38)
Silver Blade Silver Blade (0.66)
Silver Cross Silver Cross (0.66)
Silver Earrings Silver Earrings (1.22)
Silver Goblet Silver Goblet (0.88)
Silver Madonna Silver Madonna (0.44)
Silver Necklace Silver Necklace (1.1)
Silver Pendant Silver Pendant (1.66)
Silver Plaque Silver Plaque (1)
Silver Ring Silver Ring (1.1)
Silver Skull Silver Skull (1)
Stone Eagle Stone Eagle (1.94)
Stone Jaguar Stone Jaguar (1.88)
Stone Madonna Stone Madonna (2)
Stone Mask Stone Mask (2)
Stone Warrior Stone Warrior (2)

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