PotBS Wiki
Type Raw Material
Weight 1
Produced By Harvest Cochineal
Used By Bundle Unrest Supplies: Luxuries

Game Description

A vivid red dye created from the dried, ground remains of the cochineal insect, a cactus parasite.


Cochineal is produced from the female Cochineal insect. The insect is killed by various methods, such as immersion in hot water, exposure to sunlight, steam, or the heat of an oven. The Different methods of killing creates a different tint of colour, like Scarlet, orange and other red tints. It takes about 155,000 Cochineal insects to produce 1 kilogram of cochineal.

Items needed to produce Cochineal

Prickly Pear Groves need to be built in a port that has Fertile Soil (Cactus)

Items that need Cochineal

Currently there are no items that need Cochineal; however, the European traders from Spain in San Juan and Barilla take 42 cochineal in exchange for either 20 swivel guns, 80 cheese, 84 black powder, 42 teak, 28 wine, or 2 fine wine.