Every port in the game has a certain number of City Resources associated with it. These city resources limit the kind of structures that may be built at the port. Most resources are used in the production of a certain commodity, with the exception of Public Docks, Natural Harbor, Deep Natural Harbor, and Regional Market. In addition, the Region Market does not have an associated structure, it signifies that there exists an Auction House in the port.

List of City ResourcesEdit

City ResourceStructureCommodity
Abundant GameHunting LodgeGame Animals; Crate of Furs
Copper DepositsMine (Copper)Ore, Copper
Deep Natural HarborShipyard, Medium; Shipyard, Large---
Fertile SoilPasture; PlantationVarious
Fertile Soil (Cactus)Cactus GroveCochineal
Fertile Soil (Grapes)VineyardWine Grapes
Fertile Soil (Sugar)Plantation (Sugar)Sugarcane
Forest (Fir)Logging Camp (Fir)Logs, Common Wood; Logs, Fir
Forest (Ironwood)Logging Camp (Ironwood)Logs, Common Wood; Lignum Vitae
Forest (Oak)Logging Camp (Oak)Logs, Common Wood; Logs, Oak
Forest (Teak)Logging Camp (Teak)Logs, Common Wood; Logs, Teak
Gold DepositsMine (Gold)Ore, Gold
Granite DepositsQuarry (Granite)Gravel; Granite
Guano CavesSaltpeter CavesSaltpeter
Iron DepositsMine (Iron)Ore, Iron
LimestoneQuarry (Limestone)Gravel; Limestone
Marble DepositsQuarry (Marble)Gravel; Marble
Natural HarborShipyard, Medium---
Public DocksWarehouse---
Regional Market------
Silver DepositsMine (Silver)Ore, Silver
Sulfur DepositsMine (Sulfur)Sulfur
Zinc DepositsMine (Zinc)Ore, Zinc