Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson
Our pirates in the West Indies have increased till of late.
Vital statistics
Title Naval Officer
Faction Britain
Affiliation Great Britain
Region Antilles
Port Tortuga
Port Location Prison area

A historian who is looking to write a comprehensive account of piracy in the Caribbean.

There is a chance that Charles Johnson is actually the famous 18th century writer, Daniel Defoe. This is based on an actual real-life theory, as a man named 'Captain Charles Johnson' wrote a book on pirates. But interestingly nothing is known about the author. This contributes to the fact that he may have been Defoe under a pen name, because Defoe, of course, wrote a lot about piracy in his career.

There is a dialogue option with Johnson where you can ask him if he is really Daniel Defoe under a pseudonym. But he hesitates and denies that he is who you say he is.


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