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Recipes are the blueprints for creating items out of materials.
{{Infobox Recipe|recipe = Construct Medium Hull
|inputs=[[Keel, Medium]] (1)<br>
[[Keel, Small]] (1)<br>
[[Stem]] (1)<br>
[[Frame Timber, Small]] (5)<br>
[[Beam, Small]] (16)<br>
[[Planks, Oak]] (40)<br>
[[Strakes, Oak]] (16)<br>
[[Filling-Frame, Small]] (6)<br>
[[Iron Fittings]] (4)<br>
[[Nails]] (3)<br>
[[Transom, Small]] (4)<br>
|outputs=[[Scout Hull, Medium]] (1)
<categorytree hideroot=on>Recipes</categorytree>
[[Category: Recipes]]
[[Category: Economy]]

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