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The Concept

       In this entry I would like to talk about primarily the chart in design for the "Pirates of the Burning Sea". Of course that is the only chart most of the readers here are really concerned with. This section will deal with concept and ideas.

   As stated in the previous entry, this chart poses a number of problems and possibilities. The most pressing of which being how to create a balance of all the personalities this chart will have. It has to incorporate a presence of Pirates, Merchants, and the navies of Spain, England, Denmark, and France (possibly others). This will be accomplished a couple of ways. First; from left to right across the chart will be art associate with the Military Naval force primarilly on the left, Merchantman holding the scale, Navigator sitting on the Cartouche with astrolabe and charts, then pirate art on the right side of the Cartouche (ship) and the border (pirates, colors (flag), and general pirate art). Second; the banners of all involved nations will be present in the chart itself.

   Concerning the layout of the chart, I am going to use a functional navigational border (latitude and longitude reference), top and bottom will be clear outside of the navigational border while full art borders and place on the left and right like the following chart has in the top and bottom.

   Concerning the Cartouche itself (the MOST important piece of art), it will be created in a tradition manner (like the two samples below) with art pertaining to the game itself (conflict and trade). These two attributes will be represented by a pirate vessel on the right, naval vessel on the left, and a navigator on the Cartouche itself.


   The scale will be created almost as a small cartouche and held by a Merchant in the lower part of the chart.

   Another feature of the chart that will include (but not limited to) a cryptographic system embedded in the chart that will allow (with additional information) translation of different points on the chart. It is a system that when a player is given a specific set of coding (furnished by the developers or another player) can do their own deciphering to find a specific location.

   The next entry will be entirely artwork for the chart as some changes have been made lately.