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A career is the primary choice made by a player that determines the abilities one uses. Certain ships may also only be used by certain careers. A career is chosen while creating a new character and may never be changed.

There are 5 careers available to players, but they are divided between pirate classes, available only to members of the Pirate nation, and national classes, which are available to British, French, and Spanish players.

Brief summary of each class[]

National classes[]

  • Inline icon freetrader Freetraders are independent traders, unaffiliated with the larger trading cartels. They specialize in trading and sailing. They have several buffs to reload which makes them a very formidable fighting Captain and they can grant group buffs that enhance their value to fleets.
  • Inline icon navy Navy Officers are commissioned officers of their nation's navy. They are the heavy hitters of the seas, equipped with a wide range of combat abilities, and with access to powerful ships of the line.
  • Inline icon privateer Privateers are essentially pirates that are sanctioned by their nation. They tend to use faster ships that still pack a punch, capable of running down and boarding a cargo tub, but unable to withstand the overwhelming firepower of a ship of the line.

Pirate classes[]

  • Inline icon buccaneer Buccaneers are pirates more concerned about gold than glory. They have more economy oriented talents, and can scavenge at an earlier level, but do not have the ability to take command of ships.
  • Inline icon cutthroat Cutthroats are ruthless plunderers of the seas. They have a variety of combat and maneuvering talents, but their highlight is their ability to take command of ships they have defeated.