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Captain Heisenberg’s Steering Mechanism
Captain Heisenberg’s Steering Mechanism.jpg
Type Shipwright Material
Weight 20
Produced By Fairfax Excursus loot drop
Used By Recipe: 'Sceptre' Second Rate

Recipe: 'Indomitable First Rate'
Recipe: 'Victory' First Rate
Recipe: 'Formidable' Second Rate
Recipe: 'Assistance' Fourth Rate
Recipe: 'Guardian' Indiaman
Recipe: 'Nemea' Sloop-of-war
Recipe: 'Sovereign' First Rate
Recipe: 'Terror' Pirate Second Rate
Recipe: 'Vulcan' Frigate

This integral component will ensure that your cargo remains dry and in the best of all possible holds.


This is one of the three Fairfax Pirates loot drops. It requires a spawn of Captain Heisenberg and a high amount of luck as he drops the item very rarely.