Mission Mission Avcom Swashbuckling Mission
This mission involves Swashbuckling or simple interaction with NPCs.
Calling on the Magistrate
Nation: Britain-Crest France-Crest Spain-Crest
Career: All
Location: Britain-Crest Rosignol
France-Crest Fort Caroline
Spain-Crest Barilla
Level: This is a level 6 mission. 6 This is a level 6 mission.
NPC: Town Crier
Rewards: Dubloons icon 100 Doubloons
25 Experience
Information based on version Current game version is

You've been told the local magistrate could well be looking to hire an independent captain like yourself. Pay him a visit and see what he's got to offer.

Mission Notes

The mission sends you to the magistrate of the town to start a mission line.

The French version sends you to Biloxi, not the town that the mission starts in, oddly enough.

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