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Buccaneer is one of two career choices for players that belong to the Pirate nation. They gain the ability to Scavenge for free, but cannot Take Command of ships. Other nations cannot choose this career. They can choose Freetrader which has many similarities to the Buccaneer career.


You are a buccaneer, a pirate adventurer who roams the seas in search of profit and plunder. You take opportunities where you find them, and you don't let the law stand in your way. The Cutthroats relish their short and violent lives, but you plan to steal your fortune and retire to enjoy it. All you need is a fast ship, a good crew, and your wits, and the Carribean will be yours. The challenging Buccaneer class is recommended for experienced players.


The Buccaneer class came into play in the patch, before this change the Pirate nation only had one class, called the pirate, which after the patch, was called the Cutthroat. The Buccaneer was made up to be a combination of the Freetrader and the Naval Officer and is supposed to be the main economy force behind the Pirate economy, using many of the skills previously only available to the Freetrader and being able to sail large haulers without getting the Invalid Ship PvP flag. To differentiate more between the two pirate classes, FLS decided not to give the Buccaneer the Take command, instead the Buccaneer got it's own scavenge skill for free.

Notes of interestEdit

  • Unlike the other pirate career, Cutthroat, you cannot take command of another ship using the Take Command skill.
  • You can however sail ships with the (Captured) tag - you will just have to obtain the deeds for them from other players or from the auction house.
  • Captured ships start with 1 durability. It can be increased by getting more deeds of the same type and adding them to the captured one.
  • You gain the Scavenge skill for free at level 5 (for Cutthroats, it's a reward for their level 10 career mission). This allows you to destroy a Derelict ship to get more cargo from it. There is also a 10% chance that you will get a ship deed for that ship.
  • You can not sell a ship that is in your dry dock. The only way to get rid of it is to Scuttle it.


The following Sailing Skills are specific to the Buccaneer:

Skill overview
Skill Tree Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Command Command: Maneuvers Command: Evasion Command: Battle Command: Speed Will to Survive
Disabling Disorienting Shot Cut Shroud Shred Sails Shred Armor Disrupt Formation
Gambler Survivor Maneuver Distraction Scrapper Master Rigger
Prowler Inspiration Protect Whistle Down the Wind Deadly Force Battle Logistics
Skirmish First Blow Weapons Handling Sweep the Decks Shatter Armor Jugular
Smuggling Tack Upwind Smuggled Cargo Crime Network Hidden Treasure Criminal Underground
Survival Rebuild Defense Rebuild Rig Repair Under Fire Survival Instincts
Tough Crew Bosun's Starter Fighting Spirit Endurance Exploit Weakness Bloody Minds

1 These skills are gained through the career quests and don't require skill points.

Career Specific ShipsEdit

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