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You may not remember this, but there was a time when a British Privateer in these waters was very likely a pirate. They'd pick up their letters of marque from corrupt governors, then indulge in a bit of sea-robbery, all the while claiming the legitimacy and authority of the Crown. Those days are long past, due in part to the Board of Marque. The Board is a new regulatory agency formed specifically to audit the conduct of Britain's privateers and stamp out the most unruly piracy in British waters.

The Board of Marque is the British Privateer guild. The organization is responsible for the appointment and regulation of British Privateers and are primarily based out of the British Capital City of Port Royal.

Members are allowed exclusive access to The St. George meeting hall there.

British Reputation maybe gained with them by speaking with the Pirate Hunter's in Georgetown, Belize and of course Port Royal. The Pirate Hunters in those ports have bounties for captains with appropriate experience.