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FlynnDeJesus FlynnDeJesus 25 October 2016

Flynn DeJesus

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IcecreamKitten IcecreamKitten 20 May 2015

How to fix the shit font

If you are reading this, you can probably see the shit font thing wikia did yesterday.

You can use this as your personal workaround if you want to see the wiki how it used to look previously. Copy the text from this box:

Paste it into your Global CSS to have it on all wikia wikis, or into your page here on PotBS to use it just here.

Cheers -- 08:00, May 20, 2015 (UTC)

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Maximus79 Maximus79 19 September 2014

Hi everybody, need some help.

Been trying to update the ships and the stats of them, also to add the new ships that portalus have got in the game.

So far i have added the new frigate "Vulcan", but was so messy with that template of ships, have to give thnxs to user: Keewa for fixing my add to the Vulcan frigate.

There is a lot of ships comming in the next patch, and will be willing to help keeping this wikia updated as far as possible, just need some help with the fix of the ship templates.


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Valeqora Valeqora 11 February 2014

Doing my civic duty

Today is the 11th, which means it is The Day We Fight Back against the unconstitutional mass surveillance of citizens. It takes only a few seconds to fill out the form, and a pre-written, customizable mail is sent to our legislators. Even if you aren't in the US, there is a special mail you can send to help as well! Please take a moment this week to do this.

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Valeqora Valeqora 2 February 2014

Looking for a new pirate game

I found Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online in 2008. I played it on and off for a few years, until one day recently I came back to play again only to find it had shut down permanently. After trying a few single-player pirate games I realized what I liked most was customizing my pirate and making friends. I downloaded Pirates of the Burning Sea since it seems to be the best pirate MMO still open. I'd heard of POTBS before POTCO but didn't try it because of the monthly fee, but now it's free so there's no reason not to give it a go!

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Squirto19 Squirto19 12 February 2013

POTBS Fanon Wiki invitation

Hello all! I am Squirto19, an admin of the POTBS Fanon Wiki. And I would like to take the time today, to tell you about our wonderful wiki, and invite you to join us! At the POTBS Fanon Wiki, you can create a page about your character, ship, group, or anything relating to POTBS. It does not have to be strictly content related to the game, say a page called "The Takeover of Spanish" was made. If it was a story about a group of Spanish people taking over the Caribbean, it would be accepted. If someone made a page called "Kitteh Atack" and it was a story about "kittehs" taking over the Caribbean, it would be deleted. The pages you make have to at least relate to POTBS enough that it makes sense to be on the wiki. Here is a link to the main pa…

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IcecreamKitten IcecreamKitten 31 August 2012

Jesus christ, how many ships are there...

Did the game really need five versions of Bermuda Sloop, Capricieux Frigate and the like?

There would have been about 80 ships total if we had less useless ships that nobody ever sails... -- 11:37, August 31, 2012 (UTC)

I've been watching your editing and wondered how long it would take you to crack...I'm impressed. You are tougher than I thought. --McCullogh (Talk) Admin and Chief bottle washer 16:19, September 6, 2012 (UTC)
Hehe... replacing 200 ship infoboxes actually took much longer than replacing 800 mission ones...
Also, this is a blog. You don't need to edit it, you can type your comments in the comment box below :)
-- 09:14, September 7, 2012 (UTC)
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Capt Shruikan Capt Shruikan 16 July 2012

Can't log into the game

Ahoy fellow POTBS players, I can't seem to log into the game today (7/16/12). The Launchpad keeps saying it is updating its files, but it fails to. When i click retry it does not work. My OS is Windows 7 and my browser is Internet Explorer 9.

Please Help!

P.S. I couldn't paste the game log into here because it would not let me create the blog if i did. I have tried both the Testbed and Live game versions.

Capt Shruikan 17:52, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

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Hector pillageparr6785 Hector pillageparr6785 3 July 2012


GUys, POTBS got deleted from my cp a few days ago by a crash, if i get chance to re- in stall it and i use same password and account ID do i get my same players back?

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BohemianKing BohemianKing 20 June 2012

I'm in NEED Of BIG Help

When I press play it says "You need to download PhysX Library" And when I do it says " A Fatal Error has Occured " Please HELP!

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Johnny Coaleaston Johnny Coaleaston 20 September 2011


Oops, nevermind. I thought this was Players Wiki. Sorry!

Welcome aboard Johnny....it is a players wiki. I am an admin here and an avid player of the game. This wiki is a great resource for learning the game. I would also recommend you ask in Nation chat for a society that is interested in helping new players learn the game. You can find me through my Society, British Mercantile and Mercenary (BMM).
--McCullogh 16:16, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

Oh, 0ok then! Thank you! And also, I am having SERIOUS trouble downloading. At 7:30 P.M., EST September 19, I started downloading. At 8:00 P.M. EST September 20, it got to 7.0 GB downloaded. It is now 4:30 P.M., EST September 21, and it is not off 7.0 GB.

I am not sure why it wont download, I…
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IcecreamKitten IcecreamKitten 5 September 2011

Wiki settings - Improving wiki interface

Here are some tips on making the wiki look cleaner (remove things like advertisements and spotlights):

  • Go to your Personal Preferences, uncheck "Show all advertisements" in User Profile tab, this will disble some advertisements
  • The rest of the ads and spotlights can be disabled by going to into it.

This will remove most of the eye pollution for logged-in users :)

-- 18:10, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

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Rolandefleur Rolandefleur 2 February 2010

Town Maps and Google Maps

The folks over at WoW were successful in creating a Google Map of their game. If FLS could share the NPC coordinate locations with us, one might be able to create a Google Map of each town, and have the NPC/Mission tables link to the coordinates on a floating window frame ... highlighting exactly where the NPC is.

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Rolandefleur Rolandefleur 2 February 2010

The Merits of Single Nation View

Until now, mission documentation has been minimized by listing every location and NPC granting the mission independant of the reader. This practice should be continued until all the missions in the game are documented. I would then propose to split the multi-nation missions into separate nation-pages to assist in guiding the single-nation player. I hink it would be easier for the reader if all the missions were presented from the perspective of a particular national mission chain. Why is it important for me to know that some other nation's players are doing the same mission? I only care about my nation, and where to go and what to do to complete my mission chain.

There is also a need for some overview pages of specific multi-path mission ch…

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DevilDawn DevilDawn 3 January 2010

The Economy: Keeping the wiki up to date

Looking at the economy stuff in the wiki, it is basically a copy and pasted version of in-game F1.

That's okay, but it could be so much better.

  • It's a big task. Dozens of structures, raw materials, manufactured goods need to be kept up to date.
  • It's boring.
  • It is not adding anything useful. You can just fire up the game and click away at the in game /help

I'm thinking about making it a bit like missions and ships. Create properties "required recipe", "required item", "required money" and "required structure", so for example an iron ingot would look like this:

Ingot, Iron
Requires recipe: Smelt Iron, Advanced Smelt Iron

The recipes would have different properties:

Smelt Iron
Require labor hours: 4
Require item: Limestone, Iron Ore
Require structure: Fo…

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DevilDawn DevilDawn 8 December 2009

Ports, NPCs and Missions: Putting it all together

To get a useful structure out of the Port Wiki pages, several changes are needed.

NPCs need information about where to find them, what nation they are and what faction they are affiliated with.

Missions need information about rewards, who's giving them out, type, and who can take them.

That provided, ports can then query for information:

The port wikipage queries NPCs located in the port. Each of those NPCs is handed to a mission-template. The mission-template queries missions provided by this NPCs and hands those to a mission-listing-template.

]] |}

See, that's much better than the mission lists on the port pages right now. It provides more information, looks nice and templates like this could also be used on the NPC pages as well.

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DevilDawn DevilDawn 7 December 2009

Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki is a powerful, yet complicated, way to sort, categorize and display data.

I recently replaced the Template:Infobox_Mission with a new version, Template:Missioninfo. Template:Missioninfo automatically adds a lot of stuff to Missions - Categories and Properties.

All Missions have, of course, the Category Mission and the Property Is a::Mission. They also have a is level:: Property and 0 or more Involves:: properties. To find missions they also get a is located in:: Property. Trying to get more information for displaying missions, the new template currently adds:

  • Involves - currently mission npcs, this should change
  • is level - level of mission
  • is located in - location of mission
  • mission type - ship, avcom, etc.
  • requires mission - p…
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DevilDawn DevilDawn 6 December 2009

Missions and Cities

While I took care of most ships the last days, I took a look at city pages. They're rather empty and ugly. I tried improving them by adding screens and stuff, but still I need a way to display missions offered in the city. The current pages use MediaWiki's Inline query system. However, Missions have very few properties to query. So i started on a mission template to add more properties like NPC (involves:: propertie), prerequisites and rewards - at least dbl and xp.

Once a new template is done it should be easy to display a ton of vital info about missions per port.

This will take some time, though. As usual... --DevilDawn 18:52, December 6, 2009 (UTC)

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