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Mission Mission Sea.png Sea Mission
This mission involves instanced ship combat (including blockade running, or rescue and recovery operations).
Blessing of the Sea
Nation: Britain-Crest.png France-Crest.png Spain-Crest.png Pirate-Crest.png
Career: All
Location: Britain-Crest.png Bluefields
France-Crest.png New Orleans
Spain-Crest.png Caracas
Pirate-Crest.png Turpitude
Level: This is a level 26 mission, and becomes available at character level 21. 26 This is a level 26 mission, and becomes available at character level 21.
NPC: Britain-Crest.png Driezanna Dainton
France-Crest.png Esmerelda Linois
Spain-Crest.png Sybille Contreras
Pirate-Crest.png Lucretia Cleijn
Rewards: Dubloons icon.png 2525 Doubloons
500 Experience

Broken Charm

Information based on version Current game version is

A local witch woman asks you to help her prove that she can command spirits: she will perform a ritual on you, and then send you against an enemy fleet to steal one of their ships.

Mission Notes

You will be under the effect of the Blessing of the Sea status effect which improves your battle speed.

There will be four enemy ships in the area (all between level 24 and 27), plus one non-hostile vessel. Click on this one to get it to follow you, then make for the exit point.

Mission Objectives

  • Click on the Marked Ship to Steal it
  • Protect the Stolen Enemy Ship
  • Get the Stolen Enemy Ship to the Exit
  • Get to the Exit