PotBS Wiki

Bit Raider is used to install and patch Pirates of the Burning Sea. Check this page for the Install Guide. It's not recommended to play the game by the Bit Raider launcher because all tweaks done in the Pirates.ini file will be reset and put back to factory settings. So to do this just go to Program Files (x86) where it's default install location is set and run the PotBS.Exe and you will have no problems with any UI resetting or any tweaks resetting.

Although there have been many reports of issues whilst installing Pirates of the Burning Sea by the Bit Raider provided, it's best to install the game in the default directory which is:

  1. My Computer
  2. C:Program Files (x86)
  3. Pirates of the Burning Sea
  4. PotBS.exe

It is also recommended to not pause or stop the download and let it do it's thing until it has fully downloaded the game to minimise issues that may come into effect if you cancel the download.