Mission Mission Sea Sea Mission
This mission involves instanced ship combat (including blockade running, or rescue and recovery operations).
Big Wreckage
Nation: Britain-Crest France-Crest Spain-Crest Pirate-Crest
Career: All
Location: Britain-Crest Puerto Cabezas
France-Crest Biloxi
Spain-Crest Cartagena
Pirate-Crest Santa Clara
Level: This is a level 12 mission, and becomes available at character level 7. 12 This is a level 12 mission, and becomes available at character level 7.
NPC: Britain-Crest Alice Wade
France-Crest Rosette Descharneaux
Spain-Crest Evangelina Montoya
Pirate-Crest Linda Loosje
Rewards: Dubloons icon 980 Doubloons
232 Experience
Salvaged Gun Carriages: 3
Previous: Smash the Squadron
Information based on version Current game version is

Your contact is sending you on a prolonged campaign against multiple enemy targets next: you will have to hunt down a scouting detachment, a merchant convoy, a group of enemy ships bearing correspondence for their leader, and lastly, the flagship itself.

Mission Notes

This is really a string of separate missions - at least insofar as you will have to start it via the Longboat Coxswain no less than four times to access the different parts of it. Each part features a sea battle against several NPC enemies. Across the whole mission, these will all be between levels 5 and 12. For most of the single sea battles (except the first one, which for that reason probably is the most difficult one), you will be supported by some NPC ships as well.

Mission Objectives

Part 1:

  • Defeat All Enemy Ships: 0/3

Part 2:

  • Defeat All Merchantmen: 0/3

Part 3:

  • Defeat All Enemy Ships: 0/4

Part 4:

  • Defeat the Flagship
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