Besieged Tortuga is an unlockable end-game area that offers several Epic Mission with substantial rewards, based on The Dread Saints storyline.

This area can be unlocked by purchasing the "Big Trouble in Tortuga" item in the Treasure Aisle for 450 Burning Sea Points. To enter Besieged Tortuga, players have to talk to any Broadsheet Peddler, and then select "Besieged Tortuga" option when entering the Tortuga island.

For the AvCom missions, you will need at least 5 experienced Captains. Since Cannons of Heaven and Earth is a ShipCom mission, you should bring strong ships (Ships of the line) to complete it.

Missions Edit

Most notable missions:

Rewards Edit

Besieged Tortuga is primarily visited for the Sword of David that can be obtained in The Dread Saint mission. Other rewards can be obtained by collecting and turning in Reclaimed Loot, that drops from bosses in the missions.