Robert "Bert" Ross Harvey started life in the game industry by working on fan sites, most notably for Icewind Dale 2. After a lucky set of happenstance, Bert found himself working as a tester for Xbox Certification in Redmond, WA. After a year with Xbox Cert, Bert moved to MS campus and began working as a tester for Fables on the xbox.

Deciding that Fables was utter rubbish, Bert escaped to Monolith Productions, inc to work as a tester for The Matrix Online for PC. It's on this project that Bert began to transfer over to the design side of development, starting with NPC creation and mission dialog writing. From The Matrix Online, Bert was promoted to Design Assistent to an un-announced super hero MMP which was cancelled before seeing the light of day.

Now with Flying Lab Studios, Bert is working hard to provide exciting missions and creating interesting events for the player to experience. Bert is also hoping to break the habit of talking in the third person.