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Mission (repeatable)
Be Still My Rum
Nation: Britain-Crest.png France-Crest.png Spain-Crest.png Pirate-Crest.png
Career: All
Location: Black Point
Level: This is a level 5 mission. 5 This is a level 5 mission.
NPC: Sean Selitrennikoff
Rewards: Black Point's Portable Distillery

Connoisseur's Choice


The Truth Comes Out

Information based on version Current game version is

Captain, you must be the only person in the Caribbean who loves rum as much as I do. I can appreciate that. A man after my own heart.

So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to help you outfit your ship with your very own rum still. That's right. You'll soon be awash in the glories of turning molasses into the elixir of life. In exchange, all I ask is that you "obtain" some quality charcoal for me, so that I can continue filtering my own small batch rums. What do you say? Do we have a deal?

I knew you would agree!

Mission Notes

Now Sean wants you to bring him Charcoal for his rum making.

You can only loot them from the Bloody Arms newbie pirate gang found near Eastern Florida and Western Bahama regions.

Mission Objective

  • Return Boxes of Quality Charcoal: 0/10