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Basic Consumables
Produced by:
Teaches: Craft Coarse Powder Charge

Craft Fine Powder Charge
Craft Precise Powder Charge
Emergency Hull Patch 1 (Recipe)
Emergency Hull Patch 2 (Recipe)
Emergency Hull Patch 3 (Recipe)
Emergency Mast Brace 1 (Recipe)
Emergency Mast Brace 2 (Recipe)
Emergency Mast Brace 3 (Recipe)
Emergency Rum Ration 1 (Recipe)
Emergency Rum Ration 2 (Recipe)
Emergency Rum Ration 3 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 1 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 2 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 3 (Recipe)
Structural Brace 1 (Recipe)
Structural Brace 2 (Recipe)
Structural Brace 3 (Recipe)

Recipes for the construction of consumable repair and enhancement items.