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Assembly Yard
This structure reduces the labor required by recipes to 50% of the original.
Lot size: 1 lot(s)
Labor Factor: 0.5
Effective Labor per Day per lot: 48 Hours
Construction time: 1 hour(s)
Produced by: Draft Assembly Yard Plans
Requirements: Must be Freetrader
Must be level 45
Reputation with port owner at least Indifferent
Port must have River
Construction Cost: 5000 Dubloons icon
Construction Materials: Blocks, Lignum Vitae: 2
Granite: 20
Gravel: 10
Ingot, Brass: 2
Ingot, Iron: 2
Logs, Common Wood: 10
Logs, Teak: 5
Upkeep Costs (for one week): 1000 Dubloons icon
Effective Cost Per Lot: 1000 Dubloons icon
Provides recipes: Bundle Unrest Supplies: Metal

Bundle Unrest Supplies: Textiles
Bundle Unrest Supplies: Weapons
Bundle Unrest Supplies: Wood
Braid Rope
Craft Bandages
Craft Bar Shot
Craft Barrel
Craft Bronze Round Shot
Craft Canister Shot
Craft Chain Shot
Craft Grapeshot
Craft Langridge
Craft Round Shot
Craft Star Shot
Craft Stone Shot
Forge Cannon (Medium)
Forge Cannon (Small)
Forge Cannon (Very Small)
Forge Iron Fittings
Forge Nails
Forge Swivel Gun
Knot Rigging
Manufacture Blocks (Oak)
Mill Planks (Oak)
Saw Stem
Smelt Iron

Spin Cotton
Weave Canvas
Provides One of These Recipes:
Cut Mast Section
Forge Anchor
Forge Brass Fittings
Refine Gold
Saw Frame Timber (Lignum Vitae)
Saw Frame Timber (Oak)
Saw Keel
Smelt Brass
Smelt Silver

Uses recipes: Bundle Unrest Supplies: Metal

Bundle Unrest Supplies: Textiles
Bundle Unrest Supplies: Weapons
Bundle Unrest Supplies: Wood
Admiral's Overhaul, First-Rate
Admiral's Overhaul, Well-made
Advanced Anchor Forging
Advanced Brass Smelting
Advanced Bronze Round Shot Crafting
Advanced Huge Cannon Construction
Advanced Iron Smelting
Advanced Keel Sawing
Advanced Large Cannon Construction
Advanced Lignum Blocks
Advanced Lignum Frame Timber
Advanced Mast Cutting
Advanced Oak Frame Timber
Advanced Sail Stitching
Ares' Cannon Modification 1 (Recipe)
Ares' Cannon Modification 2 (Recipe)
Ares' Cannon Modification 3 (Recipe)
Ares' Cannon Modification 4 (Recipe)
Artemis' Cannon Modification 1 (Recipe)
Artemis' Cannon Modification 2 (Recipe)
Artemis' Cannon Modification 3 (Recipe)
Artemis' Cannon Modification 4 (Recipe)
Braid Rope
Bulwarks, Heavy
Bulwarks, Superior
Colossal Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Colossal Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Colossal Accurate Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Colossal Agile Rig
Colossal Destructive Gun (Recipe)
Colossal Double-Weave Sails
Colossal Einar One-Eye's Devastating Guns (Recipe)
Colossal Enhanced Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Colossal Extra Trysail Rig
Colossal Fast Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Colossal Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Colossal Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Colossal Improved Grappling Guns (Recipe)
Colossal Improved Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Colossal Lightweight Guns (Recipe)
Colossal Lightweight Rig
Colossal Long Arm Cannons (Recipe)
Colossal Marauder's Guns (Recipe)
Colossal Nimble Rig 1
Colossal Nimble Rig 2
Colossal Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Colossal Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Colossal Precision Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Colossal Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Colossal Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Colossal Reduced Charge Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Colossal Reinforced Rig
Colossal Runner's Rig
Colossal Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Colossal Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Colossal Speed Rig 1
Colossal Speed Rig 2
Colossal Stealth Sails 1
Colossal Stealth Sails 2
Colossal Swallow's Sail Rig
Colossal Swift Rig
Colossal Tight Weave Sails
Colossal Tough Sails 1
Colossal Tough Sails 2
Colossal Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Colossal Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Craft Bandages
Craft Bar Shot
Craft Barrel
Craft Bronze Round Shot
Craft Canister Shot
Craft Chain Shot
Craft Grapeshot
Craft Langridge
Craft Round Shot
Craft Small Arms (Recipe)
Craft Star Shot
Craft Stone Shot
Cut Mast Section
Emergency Hull Patch 1
Emergency Hull Patch 2
Emergency Hull Patch 3
Emergency Hull Patch 4
Emergency Hull Patch 5
Emergency Mast Brace 1
Emergency Mast Brace 2
Emergency Mast Brace 3
Emergency Mast Brace 4
Emergency Mast Brace 5
Explosive Powder 1 (Recipe)
Explosive Powder 2 (Recipe)
Extra Powder Magazine 1 (Recipe)
Extra Powder Magazine 2 (Recipe)
Extra Powder Magazine 3 (Recipe)
Extra Powder Magazine 4 (Recipe)
Forge Anchor
Forge Brass Fittings
Forge Cannon (Huge)
Forge Cannon (Large)
Forge Cannon (Medium)
Forge Cannon (Small)
Forge Cannon (Very Small)
Forge Iron Fittings
Forge Nails
Forge Swivel Gun
Gorgon's Cannon Modification 1 (Recipe)
Gorgon's Cannon Modification 2 (Recipe)
Gorgon's Cannon Modification 3 (Recipe)
Gorgon's Cannon Modification 4 (Recipe)
Grappling Defenses 1 (Recipe)
Grappling Defenses 2 (Recipe)
Grappling Defenses 3 (Recipe)
Grappling Defenses 4 (Recipe)
Grapples and Ladders
Grapples and Ladders, Superior
Hammocks, Huge
Hammocks, Large
Hammocks, Medium
Hammocks, Small
Hardened Masts 1
Hardened Masts 2
Hardened Masts 3
Hardened Masts 4
Heavy Cannon Modification 1 (Recipe)
Heavy Cannon Modification 2 (Recipe)
Heavy Cannon Modification 3 (Recipe)
Hermes' Sail Modification 1
Hermes' Sail Modification 2
Hermes' Sail Modification 3
Hermes' Sail Modification 4
Huge Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Huge Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Huge Accuracy Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Huge Accurate Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Huge Agile Rig
Huge Destructive Gun (Recipe)
Huge Double-Weave Sails
Huge Einar One-Eye's Devastating Guns (Recipe)
Huge Enhanced Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Huge Extra Trysail Rig
Huge Fast Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Huge Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Huge Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Huge Grappling Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Huge Improved Grappling Guns (Recipe)
Huge Improved Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Huge Lightweight Guns (Recipe)
Huge Long Arm Cannons (Recipe)
Huge Marauder's Guns (Recipe)
Huge Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Huge Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Huge Perfected Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Huge Precision Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Huge Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Huge Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Huge Raider's Guns 3 (Recipe)
Huge Reduced Charge Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Huge Reinforced Rig
Huge Runner's Rig
Huge Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Rig 1
Huge Speed Rig 2
Huge Speed Rig 3
Huge Stealth Sails 1
Huge Stealth Sails 2
Huge Stealth Sails 3
Huge Swallow's Sail Rig
Huge Swift Rig
Huge Tight Weave Sails
Huge Tough Sails 1
Huge Tough Sails 2
Huge Tough Sails 3
Huge Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Huge Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Huge Wadding 3 (Recipe)
Kedge Anchors (Recipe)
Kedge Anchors, Heavy (Recipe)
Large Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Large Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Large Accuracy Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Large Accuracy Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Large Accurate Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Large Destructive Gun (Recipe)
Large Einar One-Eye's Devastating Guns (Recipe)
Large Enhanced Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Large Fast Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Large Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Large Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Large Grappling Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Large Grappling Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Large Improved Grappling Guns (Recipe)
Large Improved Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Large Lightweight Guns (Recipe)
Large Long Arm Cannons (Recipe)
Large Marauder's Guns (Recipe)
Large Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Large Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Large Perfected Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Large Perfected Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Large Precision Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Large Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Large Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Large Raider's Guns 3 (Recipe)
Large Raider's Guns 4 (Recipe)
Large Reduced Charge Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Large Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Large Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Large Speed Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Large Speed Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Large Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Large Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Large Wadding 3 (Recipe)
Large Wadding 4 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 5 (Recipe)
Medium Accurate Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Medium Destructive Gun (Recipe)
Medium Einar One-Eye's Devastating Guns (Recipe)
Medium Enhanced Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Medium Fast Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 5 (Recipe)
Medium Improved Grappling Guns (Recipe)
Medium Improved Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Medium Lightweight Guns (Recipe)
Medium Long Arm Cannons (Recipe)
Medium Long-Barreled Guns 1 (Recipe)
Medium Long-Barreled Guns 2 (Recipe)
Medium Long-Barreled Guns 3 (Recipe)
Medium Marauder's Guns (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 5 (Recipe)
Medium Precision Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 3 (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 4 (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 5 (Recipe)
Medium Reduced Charge Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 5 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 3 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 4 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 5 (Recipe)
Odysseus' Cannon Modification 1 (Recipe)
Odysseus' Cannon Modification 2 (Recipe)
Odysseus' Cannon Modification 3 (Recipe)
Odysseus' Cannon Modification 4 (Recipe)
Overloaded Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Overloaded Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Refine Gold
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 5 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 6 (Recipe)
Small Accurate Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Small Destructive Gun (Recipe)
Small Einar One-Eye's Devastating Guns (Recipe)
Small Enhanced Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Small Fast Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 5 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 6 (Recipe)
Small Improved Grappling Guns (Recipe)
Small Improved Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Small Lightweight Guns (Recipe)
Small Long Arm Cannons (Recipe)
Small Long-Barreled Guns 1 (Recipe)
Small Long-Barreled Guns 2 (Recipe)
Small Long-Barreled Guns 3 (Recipe)
Small Long-Barreled Guns 4 (Recipe)
Small Marauder's Guns (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 5 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 6 (Recipe)
Small Precision Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 3 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 4 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 5 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 6 (Recipe)
Small Reduced Charge Gun Tackle (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 5 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 6 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 3 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 4 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 5 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 6 (Recipe)
Smelt Brass
Smelt Iron
Smelt Silver
Spare Guns 1 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 2 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 3 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 4 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 5 (Recipe)
Spare Guns, First-Rate (Recipe)
Spare Guns, Well-made (Recipe)
Spyglass (Recipe)
Spyglass, Crude (Recipe)
Spyglass, Fine (Recipe)
Spyglass, Master's (Recipe)

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This large plot of land contains a Forge, a Lumber Mill, and a Textile Mill. A complicated system of aqueducts and waterwheels is required to keep them operational.

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