Type Shipwright Material
Weight 2
Produced By Advanced Anchor Forging
Forge Anchor
Used By 'Agamemnon' Bark

'Alexander' Fourth Rate
'Arcadia' Xebec
'Athena' Frigate
'Atlas' Bark
'Bermuda' Sloop
'Breton' Chasse-Maree
'Capricieux' Courier Frigate
'Capricieux' Frigate
'Cerberus' Courier Frigate
'Cerberus' Frigate
'Chaleur' Schooner
'Conquistador' Frigate
'Corsair' Xebec
'Couronne' Galleon
'Cruizer' Snow
'Curieuse' Snow
'Curieuse' Trader's Snow
'Currituck' Periauger
'Dauntless' Frigate
'Defiant' Frigate
'Defiant' Stripped Frigate
'Deliverance' Frigate
'Dolphyn' Ketch
'Dromedary' Indiaman
'El Dragon' Barque
'Halifax' Schooner
'Hercules' Frigate
'Hermes' Packet-Boat
'Hiorten' Galeas
'Hornet' Gunboat
'Invincible' First Rate
'Jamaica' Sloop
'La Belle' Light Corvette
'La Diligente' Tartane
'Leviathan' Bark
'Lexington' Brig
'Lexington' Stripped Brig
'Limburg' Flute
'Limburg' Trader's Flute
'Locust' Corvette
'Lyon' Hoy
'Mediator' Cutter
'Medway' Longboat
'Mignone' Indiaman
'Mignone' Stripped Indiaman
'Minerva' Frigate
'Mordaunt' Fourth Rate
'Myrmidon' Frigate
'Mystique' Polacre
'Oliphant' Indiaman
'Otter' Skuda
'Postillionen' Frigate
'Prince' First Rate
'Raa' Courier Frigate
'Raa' Frigate
'Renard' Chasse-Maree
'San Mateo' Galleon
'San Mateo' Stripped Galleon
'San Mateo' Trader's Galleon
'Santiago' Galleon
'Santiago' Trader's Galleon
'St. Anne' Schooner
'Stralsund' Frigate
'Stralsund' Stripped Frigate
'Sultan' Flute
'Tigre' Frigate
'Trinity' Second Rate
'Triumphant' Second Rate
'Trusty' Longboat
'Valiant' Third Rate
'van Hoorn' Snow
'Wenden' Third Rate
'Zuiderzee' Yacht
Fishing Smack

A massive iron anchor. An anchor is necessary to slow and stop any ship.