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Textile Mill
This structure reduces the labor required by recipes to 40% of the original.
Lot size: 1 lot(s)
Labor Factor: 0.4
Effective Labor per Day per lot: 60 Hours
Construction time: 1 hour(s)
Produced by: Draft Advanced Textile Mill Plans
Requirements: Must be Freetrader
Must be level 30
Reputation with port owner at least Indifferent
Port must have River
Construction Cost: 4000 Doubloon(s)
Construction Materials: Granite: 10
Gravel: 8
Ingot, Iron: 1
Leather: 4
Logs, Common Wood: 8
Logs, Teak: 4
Upkeep Costs (for one week): 400 Doubloon(s)
Effective Cost Per Lot: 400 Doubloon(s)
Provides recipes: Bundle Unrest Supplies: Textiles

Recipe: Braid Rope
Recipe: Craft Bandages
Recipe: Knot Rigging
Recipe: Spin Cotton
Recipe: Weave Canvas

Uses recipes: Bundle Unrest Supplies: Textiles

Recipe: Advanced Sail Stitching
Recipe: Braid Rope
Recipe: Colossal Agile Rig
Recipe: Colossal Double-Weave Sails
Recipe: Colossal Extra Trysail Rig
Recipe: Colossal Lightweight Rig
Recipe: Colossal Nimble Rig 1
Recipe: Colossal Nimble Rig 2
Recipe: Colossal Reinforced Rig
Recipe: Colossal Runner's Rig
Recipe: Colossal Speed Rig 1
Recipe: Colossal Speed Rig 2
Recipe: Colossal Stealth Sails 1
Recipe: Colossal Stealth Sails 2
Recipe: Colossal Swallow's Sail Rig
Recipe: Colossal Swift Rig
Recipe: Colossal Tight Weave Sails
Recipe: Colossal Tough Sails 1
Recipe: Colossal Tough Sails 2
Recipe: Craft Bandages
Recipe: Hammocks, Huge
Recipe: Hammocks, Large
Recipe: Hammocks, Medium
Recipe: Hammocks, Small
Recipe: Hermes' Sails Modification 1
Recipe: Hermes' Sails Modification 2
Recipe: Hermes' Sails Modification 3
Recipe: Hermes' Sails Modification 4
Recipe: Huge Agile Rig
Recipe: Huge Double-Weave Sails
Recipe: Huge Extra Trysail Rig
Recipe: Huge Lightweight Rig
Recipe: Huge Nimble Rig 1
Recipe: Huge Nimble Rig 2
Recipe: Huge Nimble Rig 3
Recipe: Huge Reinforced Rig
Recipe: Huge Runner's Rig
Recipe: Huge Speed Rig 1
Recipe: Huge Speed Rig 2
Recipe: Huge Speed Rig 3
Recipe: Huge Stealth Sails 1
Recipe: Huge Stealth Sails 2
Recipe: Huge Stealth Sails 3
Recipe: Huge Swallow's Sail Rig
Recipe: Huge Swift Rig
Recipe: Huge Tight Weave Sails
Recipe: Huge Tough Sails 1
Recipe: Huge Tough Sails 2
Recipe: Huge Tough Sails 3
Recipe: Improved Rudder Tackle 1
Recipe: Improved Rudder Tackle 2
Recipe: Improved Rudder Tackle 3
Recipe: Improved Rudder Tackle 4
Recipe: Knot Rigging
Recipe: Large Agile Rig
Recipe: Large Double-Weave Sails
Recipe: Large Extra Trysail Rig
Recipe: Large Lightweight Rig
Recipe: Large Nimble Rig 1
Recipe: Large Nimble Rig 2
Recipe: Large Nimble Rig 3
Recipe: Large Nimble Rig 4
Recipe: Large Reinforced Rig
Recipe: Large Runner's Rig
Recipe: Large Speed Rig 1
Recipe: Large Speed Rig 2
Recipe: Large Speed Rig 3
Recipe: Large Speed Rig 4
Recipe: Large Stealth Sails 1
Recipe: Large Stealth Sails 2
Recipe: Large Stealth Sails 3
Recipe: Large Stealth Sails 4
Recipe: Large Swallow's Sail Rig
Recipe: Large Swift Rig
Recipe: Large Tight Weave Sails
Recipe: Large Tough Sails 1
Recipe: Large Tough Sails 2
Recipe: Large Tough Sails 3
Recipe: Large Tough Sails 4
Recipe: Low Drag Rudder 1
Recipe: Low Drag Rudder 2
Recipe: Low Drag Rudder 3
Recipe: Low Drag Rudder 4
Recipe: Low Profile Rigging 1
Recipe: Low Profile Rigging 2
Recipe: Low Profile Rigging 3
Recipe: Medium Agile Rig
Recipe: Medium Double-Weave Sails
Recipe: Medium Extra Trysail Rig
Recipe: Medium Lightweight Rig
Recipe: Medium Nimble Rig 1
Recipe: Medium Nimble Rig 2
Recipe: Medium Nimble Rig 3
Recipe: Medium Nimble Rig 4
Recipe: Medium Nimble Rig 5
Recipe: Medium Reinforced Rig
Recipe: Medium Runner's Rig
Recipe: Medium Speed Rig 1
Recipe: Medium Speed Rig 2
Recipe: Medium Speed Rig 3
Recipe: Medium Speed Rig 4
Recipe: Medium Speed Rig 5
Recipe: Medium Stealth Sails 1
Recipe: Medium Stealth Sails 2
Recipe: Medium Stealth Sails 3
Recipe: Medium Stealth Sails 4
Recipe: Medium Stealth Sails 5
Recipe: Medium Swallow's Sail Rig
Recipe: Medium Swift Rig
Recipe: Medium Tight Weave Sails
Recipe: Medium Tough Sails 1
Recipe: Medium Tough Sails 2
Recipe: Medium Tough Sails 3
Recipe: Medium Tough Sails 4
Recipe: Medium Tough Sails 5
Recipe: Muffled Gear
Recipe: Muffled Gear, Heavy
Recipe: Muffled Gear, Superior
Recipe: Optimized Rigging 1
Recipe: Optimized Rigging 2
Recipe: Optimized Rigging 3
Recipe: Optimized Rigging 4
Recipe: Small Agile Rig
Recipe: Small Double-Weave Sails
Recipe: Small Extra Trysail Rig
Recipe: Small Lightweight Rig
Recipe: Small Nimble Rig 1
Recipe: Small Nimble Rig 2
Recipe: Small Nimble Rig 3
Recipe: Small Nimble Rig 4
Recipe: Small Nimble Rig 5
Recipe: Small Nimble Rig 6
Recipe: Small Reinforced Rig
Recipe: Small Runner's Rig
Recipe: Small Speed Rig 1
Recipe: Small Speed Rig 2
Recipe: Small Speed Rig 3
Recipe: Small Speed Rig 4
Recipe: Small Speed Rig 5
Recipe: Small Speed Rig 6
Recipe: Small Stealth Sails 1
Recipe: Small Stealth Sails 2
Recipe: Small Stealth Sails 3
Recipe: Small Stealth Sails 4
Recipe: Small Stealth Sails 5
Recipe: Small Stealth Sails 6
Recipe: Small Swallow's Sail Rig
Recipe: Small Swift Rig
Recipe: Small Tight Weave Sails
Recipe: Small Tough Sails 1
Recipe: Small Tough Sails 2
Recipe: Small Tough Sails 3
Recipe: Small Tough Sails 4
Recipe: Small Tough Sails 5
Recipe: Small Tough Sails 6
Recipe: Spin Cotton
Recipe: Stitch Sailcloth
Recipe: Studding Sails
Recipe: Studding Sails, Heavy
Recipe: Studding Sails, Quality
Recipe: Studding Sails, Superior
Recipe: Tar Coated Rigging 1
Recipe: Tar Coated Rigging 2
Recipe: Tar Coated Rigging 3
Recipe: Tar Coated Rigging 4
Recipe: Tar Coated Rigging 5
Recipe: Weave Canvas

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A waterwheel powers the enormous looms inside the mill.